For Goodness Sake!

I have been watching my neighbor CD’s kitty Oreo this weekend and CSE has been helping with that as well this weekend. Anyway, today it I do have to say that CSE has such a stubborn streak that just wants me to choke her and make her realize that she better start listening to me and stop being shutting people out! I told her a few moments ago that she did not need to check on Oreo anymore today because she just checked on her 4 hours earlier. She had the key in her hand and I told her to put the key back on the key holder but she just looked at me with that face of anger and kept the key in hand and took her cart of items taking the darn key with her and shutting my door not coming back until practically midnight with darn key. I told her that it should not have taken 2 hours to check on Oreo and be home to check on her own cat Ethan. I am not happy with her right now once again! I think I will talk to NMS about the situation sometime this week after the holiday weekend is over. I am not happy with CSE now.

I Confronted the Idiot Who Posted That Post on Facebook

I decided that today was the day to confront the idiot about posting such a post on Facebook back on August 19th. I do have to admit that the anger has dissipated and has finally left my body that I can write to the person about what was not necessary or needed to be broadcasted on Facebook for the whole world to see. I wrote a long message and left it that day to go which way it was going to go.