Evening and Final Thoughts Of the Day

I have had my shower and now in my pajamas for the night. I am getting ready for bed now and going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow morning. Because it is Saturday, I am hoping I will sleep in a little bit if my body will let me. I do not have my Saturday shower until 5 pm so I have no reason to get up early unless I go to church but I am not doing so this weekend whatsoever. I am watching an episode of Law & Order — 1994 episode with Chris Noth and Michael Moriarity on the show as well as “Adam Schiff” starring Steven Hill. and Jill Hennesy. I am having a great day so far.

Good night and God bless.

Have a great night!

A Quickie

I will be having my shower in 1 hour 15 minutes from now and so I am taking time just to watch recorded TV for the time being, have Bing close by on the recliner – behind and above my head, and I continue to have time for myself. I have spoken to my caseworker at IDS around 345 pm this afternoon and we talked about what type of face-to-face contact I will be and will not be having this weekend and talked to her how JSL had made me feel this week after Sunday and the other day, and how I am planning on having a CSE-free weekend and what my plans were for the weekend being a “me weekend” alone. MM understood that I needed to have a break from CSE and how I handled my week was pretty darn good. I am so glad the weekend is FINALLY here.

More later…