Final Thoughts of 8/24

It is almost time to say good night and God Bless. I am going to going to bed here shortly. Tomorrow is another day and I will be back tomorrow sometime. I am not aure if I will have company yet but will see what my day conspires after my shower and see how I feel like doing. I have enjoyed my space without CSE around helping me out. In fact I do admit that fending for myself has been awesome and great. I do miss having company here everyday but it was a nice treat for me the past couple of days. Having my home to myself has been great. All I have to answer to is myself and giving Bing one on one attention has been fabulous. He has been q good kitty and I have noticed a calmness about him as he listens to me more than ever before.

Heading off for the night. Good night and God bless.


Bing and I are chillin’ out in our recliner this evening. We have had our lap time and cuddle moment earlier. I have had breakfast, lunch, and supper, and now in relaxation mode watching some live TV. I watched 2 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries from 4 to 6 pm this afternoon and evening. Now I am watching My Babysitter’s A Vampire and recording 3 episodes of Supernanny on Style channel 41. I am not having CSE over again today or tonight. I need another day of no company again today. I heard the vacuum cleaner running in the hallway around 4 pm that indicated that Kate was ‘cleaning’ at that time. As the vacuum cleaner got closet and all of a sudden quiet, I paused the TV for a few minutes until the vacuum cleaner started up again. I was NOT going to let Kate come into my place and interrupt my quietness and peace of my being. I even thought that Kate vacuuming at 4 pm was kind of strange and made ne wonder if she was up tO no good by being snoopy and causing trouble for someone. Her leaving October 1st could not come any faster anymore. Only 4 to 5 weeks left before she moves and this place can finally have some normalcy if there is such a thing as normalcy, lol. I still can not wait for her to move out!! Anyway, I am definitely enjoying my day alone with Bing all to myself. I think, in reality, Bing misses having me to myself and giving Bing my time the past couple of days has been great.

more later….

My World Today… So Far… – August 24, 2011

I have had my shower this morning, got dressed, had breakfast, texted JSL, got online and found a message from JSL on Facebook pointing out my faults of repeating myself 3 times and taking what I have messaged her the other day out of context, spending the morning and afternoon watching recorded TV programming, playing games on Facebook, eating lunch, making important phone calls, and texted CSE to see if she could help this afternoon but she said she had to take care of business. After that I decided to tell CSE I will see her tomorrow instead of having her come down today to help me because she could not even tell me how long it would take for her to take care of business. I have been getting sick and tired of her not telling me the truth lately and acting so secretive around me, and she has been lying to me a lot lately to the point that I have decided to not have her over yesterday and again today. She needs help and I can not help her with the problems she has. I am going to walk away from CSE a little now.

I wish JSL would curb her attitude now too. I am going to walk away from her a little bit now too. I DO NOT NEED ANY NEGATIVITY IN MY LIFE ANYMORE! DANG!!

I even got a call – a reminder that CSE’s birthday is coming up – from NMS. I did not pick up the phone when NMS called because I was not in the mood to talk to her or CSE today, and when I got her message, I wanted to scream and yell.

More later…