Frustration Setting In

Unfortunately frustration is setting in as far as my feelings are concerned regarding CSE and what has been going on in our world. I have talked to NMS a lot lately regarding CSE and her attitude and behavior. I am still praying for CSE but frustration has settled in lately. I have been crying a lot when CSE is not here because I am frustrated with her. I feel I need to walk away from her and nt have her here right now but she has been helpful in my world opposite of hers.

Stormy Weather

I do not have to go to work until Monday now. Today the weather is rainy and stormy. We have thunderstorms and more bad weather coming in. CSE came into my apartment in a state of panic telling me to turn to a certain channel because they were talking about bad weather – tornado weather heading our way or nearby. AARRGG! I was not thrilled about being told to turn my TV channel. I was in the middle of watching the Flinstones cartoon I had recorded that day. Yes, we had thunderstorms all day long and the electricity flicked on and off – thankfully after I shut down my modem and unplug the surge protector and took the phone line out of the modem.