Evening Thoughts & Good Night

It has been a very good day. I had company around the 12 noon hour – my boss who came to pick up his papers I was working on and then now I have CSE over for a while before heading to bed for the night. CSE and I ordered out – Milios Sub Sandwich place. I order a tuna fish sandwich, a kosher pickle, a macadamia nut cookie and a 2 bags of harvest cheddar Sun Chips when CSE ordered a beef & cheddar sandwich on french roll and a small Pepsi. I drank water and Diet Rite tonight. So CSE and I had supper together tonight. CSE will leave sometime around 10 pm so I can go to bed for the night. I have an early rise day and at this time not totally sure what is planned for tomorrow until tomorrow is come. Some things might end up being spontaneous plans tomorrow and Tuesday. I do not have any major plans tomorrow but will be getting a package from my mother for my birthday through UPS sometime tomorrow.

I did have a good day. I did not do much, lol. Once I start working outside the home again starting July 15th, I do know that my days are going to be different again – the working world will change me once more. My computer time will be not all day long anymore even though I will be taking my computer to work with me everyday. Facebook time will change until I establish a work routine outside the home and establish a routine inside the home as well. Seeing my boss today was awesome.

I am going to say good night and God bless for now and come back sometime tomorrow.

Good night and God bless everyone here at Dear Diary tonight. Sleep well and have a good evening. Going to watch Scooby and Scappy Doo for a while tonight and head to bed. CSE will be going home tomorrow.

Good Morning!

Good morning! The sun is out now and it is a pleasant day today. Yay! From the weekly weather forecast, we have one stormy day this coming work week but otherwise sunny unless weather changes once again. I am taking today and enjoying my time with Bing, reading/listening to the Bible, watching recorded TV programming, and relaxing for the most part. I need to yet take my medications … so I am going to do that yet in a few minutes after I am done listening to Leviticus 19 on Bible Gateway. I will be doing this everyday from now on – listening/reading the Bible every morning after my cuddle/lap time with my Little Man of my life – Bing Crosby the cat. I hope you all have a good rest of your morning and early afternoon, Good morning and God bless.