Final Thoughts of the Day, Good Night and God bless,More Tomorrrow

I did have CSE down for a while. She brought down her laptop and yet again could not get online down here so she put her laptop away in her cart and watched an episode of Law & Order: CI with me before leaving. No late night for either one of us tonight. I took the morning and afternoon to be with myself and Bing and did have company come down with more books to read and converse with me for a while before he left for lunch. I now have some of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books now! Yay! Right now i am reading a book about Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron. Anyway… my day was as perfect as it ws going to get in my so imperfect life.

Well… I am going to say good night and God bless and come back sometime tomorrow. Good night and God bless. Law & Order: CI can wait until tomorrow. Good night!

AAARRRGGGG! What is Wrong With People These Days!

I am feeling I am being walked upon by one of my best friends right now. I can not even fathom the idea of this friend right now because her attitude really stinks right now. It stinks real bad right now actually as if she is having PMS everyday lately for some reason. It is escary in my way of thinking actually. If I call my best friend on her attitude, I will get an attitude right back that is much worse than the attitude I have been seeing more often lately, and her threat that I cannot talk to her parents will happen but she can easily call up my attitude changes without fail. Dang… I am beginning to see that my relationship with my best friend is becoming volatile once again and I believe she is trying to pick fights with me again. When she picks fights with people, she usual becomes physical. I have to be careful with what I say or do for a while and I need to be safe and comfortable in my own skin.

I am not thrilled with her husband’s attitude either! It stinks and sometimes I wonder if he really does love my friend truly. I get vibes from him that is not comforting much.

Good Morning & More….

Good morning and God bless. A new day has started and I will be having my shower shortly. LJB will be here shortly and then I will have my shower and really begin my day after my shower. Right now I am watching and listening to Alfred Hitchcock Hour TV show. Another cloudy and stormy looking kind of day that just might find me home all day without getting out and going to the grocery store down the street from my apartment building once again. That is okay but I do want to get out and away from here for a while sooner than later lately. This place is not always pleasant anymore. Anyone who moves in here gets affected by this building because of the people who live here cause some kind of trouble for the most part. I do not even remember anymore when I last enjoyed playing a game of gin with H, T, and P. With BB gone right now recovering in a nursing home from a wrist break, we are not even sure now if she will return home to TM or not now. I do want BB back so badly but she might not come back and live on her own anymore. I am praying for her. Playing a game of gin is NOT the same when she is not here anyway.

More later… Have a good day until then, everyone!