Later In the Afternoon – Closer To the Evening

All of my Days of Our Lives have been watched.

I am now watching the last two recorded episodes of Bold and the Beautiful and have a white kitty on my lap while I am on my computer, lol. It makes it difficult but it is do-able for the most part. I just have not typed one handed for a few years now. It is not easy anymore…

I am having a very good day so far with no one here but myself and my cat Bing Crosby. I have plans tomorrow and Saturday so I am taking advantage of my solitude today and a little yesterday. Being a woman with attitude right now – this week – has taken top priority today.

My Unplanned Afternoon

I have no major plans. I am not going anywhere today. We have had three to four storms come into Janesville last night and after midnight. I did not sleep well last night because of all them storms. Anyway, my door is locked. Had a neighbor knock on my door earlier to see me but I could not answer because I was getting ready for my day but the neighbor told me about some stationery he had wanted to give away and thought of me before putting everything on the “free table” in the community room. He left ALL of the stationery with me at my door in a plastic bag. How sweet! I love it! I can use it for mailing stuff nice to friends and family from time to time even though I use email and the internet more often than snail mail now-a-days, lol. Anyway, I do not have any major plans this day whatsoever. I was planning on my project for work but will wait until tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday to do my project for work. I just need another day of rest. My monthly is bothersome today for some reason.

What is planned today is writing, reading, and watching recorded TV shows and movies. I am not going to have no company today whatsoever. I am done having CSE down here now unless she comes down on her own or calls me to find out if I need anything. I am done asking for her help outside my helpers and workers on Tuesdays and Fridays. I need a little break from CSE now and this is a good time to start. Right now I am watching episodes of Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful, and then I will watch the two Harry Potter movies I still have on the DVR box that was recorded a couple of weekends ago in March. I still have all the Star Trek movies to watch yet, lol. That will happen real soon. Nothing major planned today though.

Anyway… It has been very hot the past couple of days here in Janesville, Wisconsin that the heat index was over 100 degrees for three days! Today we have a small break from the major heatwave even though right now it is overcast and more storms are coming our way yet. We had three to four storms come into the city last night and after midnight. The one we had between 7 p.m. – 12 midnight had caused high winds, hail, and our electricity went out for a few seconds and I had to reset the microwave and electric clocks in my apartment last night and today. I am so glad, even though my main computer and modem/router is on the best surge protector, was off and unplugged for a few hours. It gave my modem/router a chance to reboot and start fresh.

I do not know how long I am going to be able to be online today just yet.

Good Morning & God Bless!

Ahhh, I better get a thought in before the noon hour comes, lol. So I thought I would say good morning and God bless before morning escapes me entirely. We have had three storms come into Wisconsin last night and earlier this morning and now we have an overcast day and more t-storms on their way yet. Even though summer is not here officially yet, but the weather has proved to be otherwise. So good morning and God bless everyone here at Dear Diary this morning.

Good Night & God Bless!

A few minutes ago I heard a noise outside that seemed to be distance thunder at first but it got closer and louder all of a sudden — kids and families firing off fireworks already? That is what it sounded like after it got closer but I am not sure, though. It even sounded like someone drumming on a drum set or something like that, too. I do know that there are some not so nice neighbors in the surrounding areas of our building but not this mean or rude I do not think. If it was fireworks, why so early … the second week of June when July 4th is not that far away now. It just seems odd for someone to be firing off fireworks this early in the season of summer. If it is true that they were fireworks, then… I guess that’s okay.

Anyway, in a while I will be heading to bed for the night and shutting off the main computer and router for the night because we are expecting thunderstorms again tonight after midnight. When I heard the noise outside a few minutes ago I did think it was distance rumbling of thunder until it got closer and louder and would not stop for a couple of minutes. To be honest… if it was a neighbor’s cruel joke on me, I hope they are satisfied in scaring me is because I was scared at first. I do have some rude neighbors in this building who are idiots, jerks, and assholes. I could name a few, lol. Anyway…

Good night and God bless.