Good Night & God Bless!

It is stormy out right now and so I am going to say good night and God bless. If weather is good…I will be back tomorrow sometime. I have to do some work for my boss tomorrow and Friday anyway…that’s my goal anyway…weather permitting of course. I am getting tired and it going to be 9 pm CST in a half an hour anyway.

Good night and God bless… Everyone have a great night and sleep well.

My Thoughts For the Night

Evening has arrived and so hasn’t the rain and high winds. It almost sounds like a river out there outside my window. It is so dark out now that the sun is gone for the night and it is evening, lol. I feel I have been real busy here … NOT! LOL. I have been online ALL day long, watching TV and doing my very best at catching up with TV and movie programs I have recorded. I still have two Harry Potter movies to watch, all the Star Trek movies to watch, and a few TV shows yet to watch. Right now, even though repeats by now, am watching an episode of Dominick Dunne Justice right now. The episode I am watching right now is “Strange Bedfellows – an 2009 episode. Is Dominick Dunne Justice still airing on TV these days anymore really? I do not think so anyway.

She Is Not the Only One

LS is not the only one who seems to understand when people do not want nothing to do with her and goes into something blindly when it comes to relationships. About an hour or so ago, I had gotten a phone call from HE I have not had any contact for over a year or so now. HE and I have had so many problems in our friendship relationship throughout the years that walking away from HE was the best thing I could have ever done to keep me from not being so stressed out and get hurt continually. When HE called I was very busy in the living room and I no longer have a cordless phone because it broke two months ago now. I do intend on getting a new cordless phone in the future when I have enough money to do so but right now money is tight. Anyway… I have absolute no interest in HE and her life anymore and she has been asked more than once to leave me alone and not bother me anymore but she continues to call me several weeks later thinking we can be friends again, and I do not NOTHING to do with her at all. My health can not take the stress of a friendship like HE and mine, and her health is not good either. As far as LS is concerned, I do not want nothing to do with her either because she continues to be involved with an abusive gentleman who does not want nothing to do with her and she does not get it at all either. I just HE would just leave me alone for good. I do not like her anymore and wish she would not call me every few weeks and see about getting together. I do not have time for her anymore and wish not to fit her in my now very busy life. I do not like her at all! Anyway…

I am always haunted for a while every time HE calls me and I do not answer or care to talk to her. Every time we have had a falling out, her mother always got in the middle of our falling out and made things a lot worse. I do feel bad that HE has bad seizures when she sleeps and really can not be alone anymore but she needs to leave me alone. I too have health problems that can not be cured but only helped by medications too. I surely do not want her to die because of a bad seizure when she sleeps, but I surely do not want to be bothered by her health problems anymore.

HE has more friends than me! I know she does! I have met a few in the past when we got along very well. AARRGG!! I can not be someone’s only friend. I just can’t! I know I am not sounding Christian about my feelings towards HE but I want to be LEFT ALONE and SHE DOES NOT GET IT!!!!!

Not A Word

When KH got here, she did not say one word about the plan to have my showers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at all. Good. Whew! We were talking about discomfort and pain while I was in the shower and she told me about waking up with cold and sleep in her eyes, and her collar bone feeling sore this morning. Apparently her collar bone was broken several years ago while on a bike ride to one of her brother’s games some place nearby her home. Ouch! I understand about pain, that’s for sure, lol. Today my feet and toes are feeling it for some reason – not sure if it is because of the weather being real warm today or not and it is going to storm yet this afternoon. Not sure yet, lol. My feet were very sensitive for some reason this morning. OUCH! That is where the conversation about discomfort and pain came about while I was in the shower. LOL My feet are fine now, though. I have to. take my muscle relaxer meds yet, oops!

More later…

I Am Glad I Am Not in a Hurry Today!

a few minutes ago, at 1130 am, I had gotten a call from KH letting me know that she is on her way. She won’t be here until noon now! I am glad that I am not in a hurry today otherwise I would be mad at her again for being late. KH needs to be on time at 1130 am or I will start complaining to her workplace! I am getting fed up with her being late every Monday and Wednesday and I BELIEVE that her workplace has given her too many clients to deal with at one time during the week. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL I LEAVE THIS SHOWER COMPANY AND GO TO ANOTHER ONE WHERE MY SHOWERS WILL BE EVERY DAY WHEREAS I ONLY GET THREE SHOWERS A WEEK LEAVING THE WEEKEND WITH NO SHOWER WHATSOEVER. THIS SHOWER COMPANY KH WORMS FOR STINKS AND I CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE THEM FOR GOOD. Even KH will never be seen again. I am not happy with her anymore. If she bitches and complains about her having to come by 8 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am calling her workplace as soon as she leaves and tell them immediately about her attitude and her always being late on Mondays and Wednesday, and having my shower in mid afternoon when I have other things planned or to do and time crunching stresses me out because I have to rush. I AM SO GLAD I DO NOT HAVE TO HURRY TODAY! I love KH a lot otherwise but she is annoying me lately. It is an every week affair these days. Well I gotta go for now because she will be here in a few minutes or so from her last client. It takes her a 1/2 hr to get from Milton to Janesville to my place – she takes the longest routes otherwise. She won’t even drive to Madison because her sister told her she will get lost getting to and from the hospital there and she does not even know she will because she has not driven there before at all. With her long way getting from Point A to Point B, I can believe her getting lost but not because her sister tells she would – she would on her very own. I think KH’s workplace needs to monitor her timee better. I do know that the nurse who comes to my home every two months for a short visit knows of KH’s record of being late getting from Point A to Point B – saw how unhappy the nurse got when KH arrive 20 minutes late after she got here and had already taken care of her business with me. I have a very good feeling – a bad one actually – that KH will be fired sooner than later yet because of her constant lateness getting to a client’s home to help with a shower. I do want another shower gal, too. I do not want KH anymore either. AARRGG/

More later. Gotta really go now, lol.

What Has Been On My Mind Lately!!

Why do the most gorgeous men have to be such jerks?

Seriously, MW, a gentleman who lives in this building is one handsome man who is is going to be in his 70s this year. Unfortunately, MW is a jerk, though. He can be very unkind and mean to others, and he is very mean to LS at times. In fact, true or not, I have heard that MW does not want LS hanging around him at all. He does not like her because she is not very bright and unkind herself at times. She just does not get it that he does not her around him but she bugs him so much. I have not had a major problem with MW myself but I do not like hanging around him or LS because I have seen how he treats LS and how she sometimes treats MW. The relationship they have does not really exist but it does to LS and it is a volatile. They are perfect for one another in my way of thinking.

Why can she not get it that her “man-friend” is abusive and does not want her hanging around?

MW and LS have a relationship that really does not exist but it does exist with LS. I just do not get the idea, as observant as I am, why LS does not get the fact that MW does not want her hanging around him. He does not like her at all because she is not very bright and so overweight that it is grotesque and it bothers him to the point it makes him sick. That is the mean part of him I have found out and have known for a very long time. LS is somewhat mentally disabled and she is taking advantage of MW and hangs around him everyday without giving him a break from her at all these days. They are always together and never do I see MW alone anymore. She just does not get it to leave him alone. I do not hang around LS anymore because of her constantly hanging with MW who does not want nothing to do with her. AARRGG!!

Is my friendship with CSE a friendship I should consider keeping?

I get so frustrated with CSE so often – daily as a matter of fact. I still believe her moving into the building – in her case moving back into the building – was a big mistake and something of a mistake on the property and onsite management but it is their problem and not mine…thank goodness! She is constantly late coming down to my place and never on time for anything as far as I am concerned. The fact that she did not pay rent for two months because she was unwise in getting a %600 computer and not able to pay her rent for two months along with her other bills that were necessary. I think it was the mistake of management for allowing her to pay back her two months rent in installments. She even, without asking permission from management first, got a kitten – now a cat. My friendship with her does not seem right anymore. I just do not know what to do with CSE anymore. Something is not right about her. We used to be great friends but that greatness is no more. Ever since May 30th I have found myself unsure of a lot of things about her lately that I cannot explain or dare to here online. Is she ill? From talking to my surrogate mom NMS, it sounds like she is not well mentally like she used to be when we first met. That is why I believe CSE’s relationship with her ex-husband and new wife is so very unhealthy, and I believe he has had a hand in her illness. I really should not be a part of CSE’s life if she has problems like she does anymore. i do not feel right hanging around her. The argument and screaming match I had with her on May 30th proves my point.

I Do Understand MW

Even though MW is not very nice about LS and has said some really nasty things about her. Yesterday I saw him in the community room waiting for her, I has asked him if he was waiting for LS and he told me “I suppose so and I did tell LS to be down by 11 a.m.. They were going to their free lunch at the Salvation Army and MW was waiting. By his tone of voice and knowing that he does not really care for LS at all. I do understand how he feels even though he is very mean to her behind her back. I do not laugh with him or at the idea of her being mean to LS behind her back but I do have to admit that she is not a pleasant person to hang around everyday either. She has been mean to me several times as well. Our friend, EW… God rest her soul, would have put a stop to LS’s relationship with MW if she was alive today and still with us but she passed away from her cancer returning September 2008. EW is greatly missed! I believe MW’s world is very complicated at times. I do understand even though I do not appreciate his attitude towards LS at all, how MW feels. I believe I empathize with him, I think. I do not sympathize…I do not think anyway…maybe I do sympathize and empathize when it comes to MW even though, as handsome as he is, is a big jerk.

Not Anymore…Any!

I know I have said this plenty of times during my venting phases… I am no longer going to be asking for CSE’s help anymore. If she comes down to my place on her own from now on, fine, but I m not going to ask her to come down anymore. This time I am going stop asking for CSE’s help. She is back to be late all the time, her lies, and hiding things from me, beating her laptop and mouse in my home with her knowing I do not appreciate it greatly. I get stressed out when she does that. She can get online in her own apartment using my modem – having the password – so her needing to have her computer down here is not necessary anymore. She can do her research on family stuff in the privacy of her home. I am seriously thinking about changing my password on my modem anyway. She needs to get her own internet provider from now on and leave her computer home. Her computer mouse is broke now because her cat chewed the cord into two and she knows her cat chews on cords! Her choices in her world have been very unwise lately. I used to be good friends with her in the past before she got married but she has changed a lot since then and has been divorced for a long time now from a man who has had an affair with another woman while he was married to CSE…that’s why I think her ex is a very shady person and someone not to trust fully. I can not believe that she has him in her life today and he comes into this building and I have been dissed by her 4 times now because of him and his urgency to see her right then and there and calling her to let her know he is ten minutes away from the building. He is a nasty piece of work these days and was when I first met the creep. I did not even approve CSE’s marriage to him but because she was my close friend, I did not say anything. I sensed and smelled a rat from day one they met! I really do hate this six sense of mine sometimes! AARRGG!!!


I am beginning to feel my hormones beginning to rage and feel my monthly coming. YUCKY! I feel bloated and gross now and see an ugly person in the bathroom mirror instead of a beautiful gal. AARRGG!! I am glad I get my monthlies on time but I do have to admit I hate having my monthlies! LOL… I do not even tolerate them very well either, lol… AARRGG!!

More later…gotta go and play my games on my Facebook for a while now before KH comes and helps me with my shower for the day.

Hello & Good Morning

Hello and good morning! I was able to sleep in a bit this morning – 545 am today. Yippee! LOL… So far so good of a day. It is supposed to storm today and once again the weather is to reach the heat index of 100 degrees today so my plans to go to the grocery store Dollar General is NOT going to happen again today. I am probably going to have to wait until Friday when I go to the Wal-Mart Friday afternoon now. No big deal. I have plenty of meals for the week, lol. My freezer is full of prepared meals now, lol. When it gets hot and warm, I ate less I guess, lol. Hmmm?