Good Morning and More…

Good morning. I am feeling better than I was yesterday. I did sleep well last night with taking a pill to help me sleep. CSE spent the night last night from 8 pm to 8 am this morning. When I postponed my cleaning yesterday it was rescheduled for 1 pm today and then I will have my first shower with Rescare this afternoon at 230 pm this afternoon. I still feel that things moved kind of fast here but am feeling better today. So I have a busy afternoon so I am taking this morning – from 7 am to 12 noon to do my things that need to be done before my cleaning help comes. My world is evolving even though it is not always going my speed – yesterday being a very good example – at times. I will be okay.

Not In the Mood Today…

Strange as it may seem – not in the mood to really be on the computer much today. I am off and on facebook to check my messages and posts quickly and update a computer of things on farkle and bejeweled but I am not on line all day.

My friend CSE will be spending the night with me and I am getting tired.

I believe tomorrow will be another day for me. I postponed my cleaning today for tomorrow at 1 pm and my first shower with the new shower company comes tomorrow afternoon at 230 pm.

My Day

My day is…

full of confusion and I am tired because I did not sleep but only 3 hours last night. My body just would not rest after 12 midnight for some reason. My IDS worker said something that my body was probably reacting to things that seem to moving very quickly for me and I except changes when they come gradually and yesterday, Monday, I ran an errand and did not feel very comfortable about the one errand so my brain was probably feeling overwhelmed. I am going to take medicine to help me sleep tonight and have my friend CSE over for the night.

12:56 AM

I thought I was going to be able to get right to sleep after CSE left around 10 pm but I have not really been able to sleep yet … not totally sure why but have an inkling that is so because I have a job now and both employers are waiting for July 15th when the building where the business I will be working for is available to everyone. I also have another inkling as to why I cannot sleep at is what and how CSE acted a couple of minutes before she left. She left because her laptop was acting up on her and she lost 3 pages of work she was working on and then her computer started acting up. I do have to admit that I held my tongue but did not want to scream out at her and tell her to stop using her damn computer if it acts up so much and have some computer professional look at it and stop her complaining, beating up on her laptop and mouse every time it does screw up on her, I have never had any problems with my laptops or computers for as long as i have had them. I still have my IMAC desktop but rarely use it now-a-days and use my laptops – Macbook and Windows 7 Emachine all the time. I still believe that CSE should not have a computer but because she is an adult, I can not stop her from having what she wants. I can stop her from having certain behaviors in my home if it causes a negative effect on me, I remember being told by KM a couple of months ago that I have no right telling anyone to stop something as long as they are beating on their own property in my home but I have been told by my counselor and MM that if it is causing a negative effect on and in me personally causing anxiety for me. I will not have anything to do with KM anymore when it comes to advice. i do not think, seriously, KM is right in the head anymore and ever since she had left for 7 months and came back in January. Not venting.

More later…

Evening Thoughts & Good Night

It has been a very good day. I had company around the 12 noon hour – my boss who came to pick up his papers I was working on and then now I have CSE over for a while before heading to bed for the night. CSE and I ordered out – Milios Sub Sandwich place. I order a tuna fish sandwich, a kosher pickle, a macadamia nut cookie and a 2 bags of harvest cheddar Sun Chips when CSE ordered a beef & cheddar sandwich on french roll and a small Pepsi. I drank water and Diet Rite tonight. So CSE and I had supper together tonight. CSE will leave sometime around 10 pm so I can go to bed for the night. I have an early rise day and at this time not totally sure what is planned for tomorrow until tomorrow is come. Some things might end up being spontaneous plans tomorrow and Tuesday. I do not have any major plans tomorrow but will be getting a package from my mother for my birthday through UPS sometime tomorrow.

I did have a good day. I did not do much, lol. Once I start working outside the home again starting July 15th, I do know that my days are going to be different again – the working world will change me once more. My computer time will be not all day long anymore even though I will be taking my computer to work with me everyday. Facebook time will change until I establish a work routine outside the home and establish a routine inside the home as well. Seeing my boss today was awesome.

I am going to say good night and God bless for now and come back sometime tomorrow.

Good night and God bless everyone here at Dear Diary tonight. Sleep well and have a good evening. Going to watch Scooby and Scappy Doo for a while tonight and head to bed. CSE will be going home tomorrow.

Good Morning!

Good morning! The sun is out now and it is a pleasant day today. Yay! From the weekly weather forecast, we have one stormy day this coming work week but otherwise sunny unless weather changes once again. I am taking today and enjoying my time with Bing, reading/listening to the Bible, watching recorded TV programming, and relaxing for the most part. I need to yet take my medications … so I am going to do that yet in a few minutes after I am done listening to Leviticus 19 on Bible Gateway. I will be doing this everyday from now on – listening/reading the Bible every morning after my cuddle/lap time with my Little Man of my life – Bing Crosby the cat. I hope you all have a good rest of your morning and early afternoon, Good morning and God bless.

A Quick Hello

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a good day, It is almost noon here and I have already had my cuddle/lap time with Bing Crosby this morning, This is the first time – in the past 15 minutes or so actually – that I have been online so far today. I had a lazy morning – not having trouble waking up but just having a lazy morning. My door is locked and I am not expecting any company at this time today and I will probably not have CSE over today or tonight. I am now just watching some recorded television programming on my cable’s DVR box and just being lazy and comfortable. No one has called or texted me yet today – cell turned off to charge it since the battery is low and needs to be charged, Phone is off for a while and I am not expecting any calls at all today. If any calls will come through my way, I will be screening my phone calls and answering to those I want to – family comes first at every phone call of course.

Anyway, I am playing Cafe World right now and then I will play bejeweled, and farkle, look at emails, and do my reading and writing for the day. Right now I am watching an episode of Night Gallery with Laurie Prange as Brenda – title of the show that is on right now – and I did finish reading about Ashley Tisdale this morning while Bing and I were having our cuddle/lap time this morning. He is off napping somewhere else in the house right now. The weather is decent today – more sun today but yet a little cloudy and not at all hot. No more stormy weather coming our way until Monday now. Yay! Gives my bones and muscles a little break. Right foot and toes are feeling better now since I stubbed into my clock Tuesday night. Not limping so much anymore. Another yay – a big yay!

More later…

Final Entry of the Day

I feel I have had a good day for the most part. Having my shower and getting dressed by 9 am and then having the rest of the morning to myself – checking in at the TM office to say hello to KR the manager before the weekend and letting her know I am doing okay. I was not planning on seeing KR at all this week but decided I better make an appearance before anyone in the apartment building began talking about the fact that they have not seen me for a while. Anyway… I texted CSE to see if she would not mind coming down for a while and she will be here as soon as she can. Otherwise my weekend is going to be all mine and mine alone with Bing Crosby. Biong is napping someplace in the apartment – bedroom is more like it, lol. I have a slight headache because I forgot to take my Zocor medication today so I took it along with two Tylenol Arthritis medications. I will be okay though.

Grocery shopping went well and very quickly. Came home and put groceries away and cleaned and straightened another cupboard in the kitchen. I was able to get rid of a few other things I no longer needed or wanted – another plastic bag of stuff that is, After that was done, C left for the day to head back home. CSE will be down shortly.

I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow. I am getting tired and ready to go to bed here already. I do not believe I need any medication to help me relax tonight, lol. My headache is somewhat relieved. My foot is still bruised from stubbing my toes on my grandfather clock – finding out that the top of my right foot is slightly bruised more so than anything. I can walk on my foot okay and just fine and nothing is broken – thank goodness. Going to say good night and God bless now. More tomrrow;

A Decision Has Been Made

I have decided that from now on, anytime I need to vent, I will use a different Dear Diary account and my entries will be private – for my eyes only. I need to focus on more positive thinking now-a-days, and not have others here at Dear Diary get bombarded with my constant bitching, venting, and complaining.