My So-Called Weekend Long Nights

Memorial Day weekend has brought on no major plans for me – just went to urgent care to make sure I did not have a UTI – and had CSE over every night so she could get online and do her family tree research. She did spend the night one night – do not remember what night now, lol – until 5 am or so doing her family tree research. I will not have my shower until Tuesday afernoon because my shower gal KH is off on Memorial Day and I said having a shower on Tuesday instead of Monday is do-able this next week. Now I personally think that KH should have called the office to have another shower gal come on Monday instead. I do not feel clean at all, lol. My hair is in need of a good washing, lol. I did not feel like getting dressed part of the weekend so I locked the door and closed the blinds and curtains of my livingroom and got comfortable for a few hours – I am not ashamed of my nakedness and body God gave me and I was born with. If nakedness was not such a problem, I am not ashamed of my nakedness whatsoever. I have had no bedtime schedule this weekend whatsoever and tonight I have noticed that having no sleep schedule has caught up with me, lol.

Speaking My Thoughts To CSE

After getting home from the doctor/urgent care I called CSE and talked to her briefly. I told her how I felt about her always respecting my things in my apartment and how she does not respect her things in my apartment, and she understood why I would get upset easily. I told her that she always respects my things in my apartment and that because this is my home, she needs to respect her things in my apartment as well – meaning that she needs to stop beating on her laptop and mouse and respect her things from now on. I told her that I was not happy last night when she first came down and I was holding my tongue from speaking anything harsh to her. I told her that my tone of voice is a warning that I am not happy if I sound upset and it is before I begin holding my tongue before speaking my mind. She seemed to understand my feelings and said she will work on her behavior in my apartment. I hope she understands.

Did So Without Panicking!

I did not panic this time! I went to urgent care – as I was not sure if either I had a UTI or yeast infection. I called to see who the doctor on call was for Dr. Hussli today – did not know who the doctor was so I called the kidney transplant coordinator on call in Madison, Wisconsin and found SL on call and spoke to her. I able to find a ride to urgent care with a neighbor after not succeeding – as SL told me that I should go to urgent care because of my kidney history. Found out that I do have, yet, an yeast infection and not an UTI. I got medication for it and came home. I did not panic before or after.