Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

I do have to admit that I do not have any major plans for the weekend. I am hoping that I will get a ride to church on Sunday to do fellowship and worship with other church members but I have not gotten a call from TB yet – I did get a call the other day but have not spoken to him – we are playing telephone tag at the moment, lol. I love that game… hehehehe… Anyway… today has been a very good day. I am sooooooooooooooo glad, yet, at this hour that I no longer have an unsecured wireless network. I have yet not seen the gentleman who has been looking at pornography on his laptop in the two public areas for a while now but have heard that he has been sitting near the mailboxes after 12 midnight a couple of times before the password was put on my wireless network for my safety and protection from people like him but ever since I have put gotten my wireless network protected with a password, he has not been seen on security camera by the mailboxes after 1030 pm or in the community room in the daytime. I believe, with a smile of “I gotcha ya good attitude”, he is not a very happy neighbor right now but I have to protect myself from people like him in case people look at child pornography – he was not we do not think so but he has been caught twice looking at naked woman – by a tenant in the building and the onsite manager. I feel safe and comfortable in my own skin again. I do not have to turn off my internet at night when I retire to bed for the night now because of the password is in place. Whew.

Good Night And God Bless

It is late and I have to get up early tomorrow because I have my shower around 930 – 10 am and then I have grocery shopping and food preparation in the afternoon.

My Thursday

With my day, a good day it was, now over and bedtime is just around the corner, a busy afternoon tomorrow, the modem fiasco been taken care of and things are going smoothly, I have to say it was a good day. The weather was okay but chilly. I did not sleep well last night so I have a feeling I am going to sleep okay today. Because I did not sleep well last night, I felt normally tired, but did not take a nap. I was going to take a quick nap but my friend CSE has come over for a while before I could give a little shut eye.

Been online most of the day, watched TV, and took it easy. I did visit KM for a few minutes and talked to the onsite manager for a few minutes. I am going to say good night and God bless. “Yawn”