Speaking In General Now

I do have to admit that I am going to be venting a little but I am not really upset or mad enough to be pissed off. Anyway…here I go.

I do not even know why Facebook has chat for those who play farkle when rarely I talk to my opponents. I rarely talk to other people while playing farkle because of the fact that they are the ones who close out chat most of the time and I do sometimes because I do not want to talk to certain people because of it. I personally think that the chat while farkle is a waste of time really. I believe that it is not necessary. I think we should just play against an opponent without the need to chat. It is irritating to see that your opponent has closed out chat!

Also, another thing, that does make me a little mad is that when you are playing against an opponent they decide to leave the game because they got too many farkles in a row or they are losing the game. I know and understand it when maybe the opponent’s internet went down temporarily because it happens to me but when I am in the middle of a game, I hate it when the opponent leaves because they are not doing so well. I enjoy playing farkle with another person, too, but when the other person leaves the game before it is over, makes me want to forget about playing with others sometimes so I do play farkle alone at times, too. I have played farkle with other people today and they have all left in the middle of the game. I think some people are poor losers or such competitors that it makes me sick to my stomach big time.

Why does farkle have chat on it if people do not want to chat?
Why do people seem to be poor sports and losers most of the time I play against someone? Dang! I am so addicted to the game that I will not stop playing farkle myself otherwise I would just up and block the game from playing. I have met some real nice people while playing farkle that I cannot up and leave now. Many of them are my “friend” on my Facebook page now so leaving the game behind for good is NOT a good plan right now.


Good morning. I had awakened to a kitty who was watching the sun come up this morning. I think I have a cat who lays by the living room window every morning when the sun comes up. What a sweet kitty I have! He even came over to say good morning and give me one of his famous Bing Crosby kisses, and meow his “I love you” meows. What a fine kitty he is, too. He knows me very well. Yesterday and today is Harry Potter weekend on the Family channel – channel 53 in my city. So I recorded all of the movies Harry Potter 1 thru 4 and tonight I will be recording the 5 movie at 8 pm CST. Right now, watching Cradle Of Lies, a movie that I recorded last night on LMN and it is a good movie but I do not understand a man’s need for power to have a boy in order to get the trust fund. Some people are very power hungry. I cannot wait to see how the end turns out and it will be over in a few minutes – have 15 minutes or so left of the movie…give and take a few minutes because I can fast forward through the commercials. This man killed his first wife and now he is trying to kill his second wife, and his hitman killed his secretary thinking he was having his wife killed. I cannot wait for the movie to end. I am very curious now. Almost over now. Hmmm?

Anyway, I am taking good advantage of my “me weekend” and I do have to admit that I had company over for a few minutes yesterday because my shower gal came over with some small garbage bags for my living room and bathroom waste baskets, and she took care of the garbage in the bathroom, the living room, and kitchen for me, took care of the litter box for Bing, and made syre he had fresh food and fresh water before leaving once again to see me on my shower day Monday. After KH left, I had the rest of my day to myself. Oh yeah, my surrogate mother came to drop off something from church and then left, but I vowed to have this my “me weekend” and I got it.

Today I am going to watch some recorded TV programs and movies, read the book Battered To Bless by Brenda K Walsh – almost finished with the book now – do my writing, and take it easy giving Bing his loving time he wishes to have.

The “Cradles of Lies” ended and the man got arrested for trying to murder his second wife Haley who was pregnant with his son who I had found out he could not have any children. is going to get the death penalty for murdering his first wife and his secretary, and for trying to murder his 2nd wife. Haley did have a baby boy after all and the baby inherits a lot of money and upon execution to signing the papers – from what I understood – Haley gets $20M deposited in her account. The movie ended with her baby boy yawning and falling asleep in her arms in the hospital room.

I am not totally sure what all my day plans are other than watching TV, reading, writing, and playing games on Facebook all day, and relaxing. I am not going to have CSE over today at all either. I am going to wait until this coming week during my “not busy times” or maybe not have her at all this week.

More later…