e Rest of My Day

With my appointment behind me and Dr. H felt that there was nothing to chance medicine wise and we discussed keeping my May 25th appointment so I can see her one more time before she goes on maternity leave the beginning of June, and if I need anymore female issues to take care of, she told me who would be willing to help me out there, and also she told me that Dr. T, the doctor on call the weekend I spoke to will be taking Dr. H’s place until she comes back from having her baby and maternity leave. Anyway….

I got home and spent the rest of the morning relaxing, watching TV shows I have previously recorded, and my friend CSE came down and we visited and did our own things online until 1030 pm when she woke me up and she announced she was leaving for the night. I had dosed in and out throughout the early afternoon and evening because my anxiety had lifted and I was finally tired naturally once more. I slept throughout the night with ease waking up a couple of times to run to the bathroom – things are beginning to work again now that my yeast infection is being taken care of.

the Appointment

My appointment with Dr. H went well. I was in and out within an half an hour and Dr. H and I talked about what happened. I did feel real foolish allowing my anxiety to take over my life regarding my health but Dr. H did not think anything odd about it because my health is very important to me and she also stated that until I felt better and was getting down to the bottom of things was just fine. i keep Dr. H on top of how I feel and and she also told me that the doctors I communicate with here and in Madison also let her know what is going on and if I want to reassure myself I can ask the doctor I am seeing at the time to communicate with her at any given time. I learned today that every doctor I have dealt with while I was dealing with my feeling yucky communicated with Dr. H the entire time. I had left the doctor’s office with a light heart – a feeling that the heaviest burdens were lifted off my shoulders and that I could begin to heal from my anxiety attack – an attack that I more or less put myself into – once more.