Good Morning

I am up and ready to begin cleaning once J and A get here to help me. They will be here in a few minutes. I have been up since 630 am and got dressed by 7 am. It is rainy and wet outdoors right now so it is a great day to stay indoors to read and be online – if thunderstorms do not interrupt today – and no plans have been made for the day except to have company later today. More later. Have a good day everyone and God bless!

Be Careful Choosing Your Friends – Personal Experience

It is Easter Sunday and I had a great time out with my three friends/neighbors at Ponderosa After lunch, the three of us made a stop at the grocery store for LG so she could get a couple of necessary items, and then we were off home. As soon as I got home, I got into my comfies, called CSE to let her know I was home, and made plans for her to be down around 2 pm to watch movies. This is where I say “be careful choosing your friends”… CSE calls me at 150 pm to tell me that her ex-husband and new wife were coming over to see her. It hurts my feelings very badly that she cancels on coming down – plans on coming down later – at 2 pm. I feel she blew me off! I called NMS and told her how I felt and she told me that with the issues CSE has, NMS talks to Carrie about being late when plans are made until she is blue in the face. I believe NMS does understand that I upset and hurt by what CSE. NMS believes, from what I understand, that CSE has priorities mixed up at this point in her life. YES I AM HURT!