Before My Morning Escapes Me

I thought I would say Good morning before my morning escapes me. KH will be here between 1130 – 12 noon to help me with my shower, then I will get dressed for the day, and get ready to leave for my counseling appointment. Even though I want to go to my appointment, I do not to go out in the cold weather day today. I want to say home and stay indoors out of the cold. We have some snow on the ground today. Yes, it snowed this morning real early. I did not want to get out of my warm bed this morning at all but I forced myself to get up and have some time to myself before KH got here. I had awakened at 630 am to run to the bathroom and then I got back in bed for a little while before getting up. I did not sleep in again but did get up and out of bed around 7 am this morning. I wanted to stay in bed and snuggle up with Bing Crosby to keep warm but I got up and went out into the living room after getting a glass of water to have for my start of my morning – taking my medications for the day. Like I said, I want to go to my appointment this afternoon but I want to stay home where it is warmer and comfortable. I do not want to go out into the cold. I do want to see MM this morning.

Right Now

I have showered, gotten dressed, read a couple of chapters of Harry Potter, KH has just left, and now I will be heading out the door myself to go to my appointment once my ride comes to take me. I wanted to, for today, get in and out of the shower so I had a little bit of time for myself before I left for my appointment and had gotten in my shower by 12 noon and out and dressed by 1230 pm, leaving an hour for myself to relax and get comfortable, and KH has just left a moment ago, and now I have to stop reading, stop writing, get off the internet,. and get going myself. I am still wanting to go to my counseling appointment but do not want to go out in the cold weather we are having on this supposed Spring day. We still have snow on the ground from its falling earlier this morning during the night. I will be back later after my counseling appointment. Good bye for now. God bless.

More later

A Good Day

It is getting late… I have dozed off in the recliner and a knock was at my door – KM mentioning through the door saying that we will be leaving here on Sunday at 1130 for our Easter dinner at Ponderosa. I am looking forward to it so in reality I am not alone on Easter Sunday this year – again. I am okay with that – not being entirely alone with KM – which I will not be alone with KM again after Sunday and after May 1st. My appointment went well this afternoon. IK did not invite CSE down tonight and I do not intend to anymore after last night. I have been home since 330iish now and have been watching recorded TV all afternoon, reading and getting psyched about getting online but psyched enough to stay on long tonight. Tired now.

I had a good day all day long.

Good night and God bless.