I do have To admiT ThaT my world on facebook is everyday because iT gives me someThing To do To pass The Time on rainy days. I have my favoriTe games To play on a daily basis – one of Them being a game called Farkle. i love The game and enjoy compeTing wiTh oThers To geT 10,000 poinTs. Howeber, There are Two aspecTs of The game ThaT drives me crazy Though. The facT ThaT oTher gamers do noT wanT To chaT wiTh you while you are playing a game wiTh you and The facT ThaT your opponenTs leave The game because They are noT winning The game! IT’s annoying and very rude in my opinion.

Cleaning Done

Cleaning and laundry is done. J prepared food for The week while A did The cleaning, vacuuming, and sweeping. I did The dishes, Took The sheeTs off The fuTon To have washed, Took care of The garbage so i could be Taken ouT when A eiTher lefT or helped J wiTh geTTing The laundry folded afTer iT was done in The dryer. The resT of The day is mine and my ca’s buT I believe someone is going To be coming To check The closeT door ThaT is eiTher broken or off iT’s runners. The closeT by my fronT door – The coaT closeT is The one giving me a headache, lol.

More LaTer… I am playing Cafe World on Facebook now.

My Day

Today was a fair day. I was able to go outdoors for about an hour to read a little of Harry Potter – the 7th book. I am tired and dozing in and out in my recliner so I am heading to bed here in a few minutes – when a meal is done cooking at Cafe World in a few minutes. Tomorrow morning I have J and A coming to help me clean my apartment and get laundry done and then the day is all mine once more. I have a semi-busy week this week. My showers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, cleaning and laundry on Tuesday, shopping on Thursday, and two appointments on Friday – OT and med check.

CSE came by earlier this afternoon and then left. I did not have company over tonight.

I am going to say good night and God bless for now.

Venting Time AGAIN!

I am still deeply hurt that my friend blew me off yesterday afternoon when her ex=husband called and she had them come over when she and I had plans made for the afternoon and evening to watch movies and visit for our Easter holiday together. I still had her come down after her company left but she did not come down until after 5 pm allowing time for one movie instead of two. To be very honest, I should not have had her come down at all yesterday but I did. I believe it was a mistake I made and have regretted it ever since. I do not even know why, in the world, I did not open up my big mouth to her over the phone or when she was down here about feeling I was blown off for three to four hours so her ex-husband and wife could come over. I even cried for a couple of hours and had tears running down my face because I was so hurt and angry inside. I am still hurt about what happened and I believe she blew me off two times now when she came down, NMS needed her help, and her ex-husband just shows up looking for her, and she comes back to my apartment to gather her stuff to go back to her place to visit with him and his wife. I just wish I would have opened my big mouth but did not do so. With her late every time I invite her and her blowing me off, I wonder about her being a true friend. Here I get help from her and with her helping me, she can use my wireless network to get online here or across the hall in the community room! Am I going to have her stop helping and have her start paying to use the internet? AARRGG!! I pay $40 a month just the internet alone. I have AT&T as my telephone and internet and cell phone provider and I have had no problems with AT&T except for one time when my phone number was to be unlisted and non-published and it turned out it wasn’t for some reason – an error on their part, and I was paying for it. That was the only time I had a problem with AT&T. That was about 3 years ago or so.

More later…

Good Morning

I am up and ready to begin cleaning once J and A get here to help me. They will be here in a few minutes. I have been up since 630 am and got dressed by 7 am. It is rainy and wet outdoors right now so it is a great day to stay indoors to read and be online – if thunderstorms do not interrupt today – and no plans have been made for the day except to have company later today. More later. Have a good day everyone and God bless!

Be Careful Choosing Your Friends – Personal Experience

It is Easter Sunday and I had a great time out with my three friends/neighbors at Ponderosa After lunch, the three of us made a stop at the grocery store for LG so she could get a couple of necessary items, and then we were off home. As soon as I got home, I got into my comfies, called CSE to let her know I was home, and made plans for her to be down around 2 pm to watch movies. This is where I say “be careful choosing your friends”… CSE calls me at 150 pm to tell me that her ex-husband and new wife were coming over to see her. It hurts my feelings very badly that she cancels on coming down – plans on coming down later – at 2 pm. I feel she blew me off! I called NMS and told her how I felt and she told me that with the issues CSE has, NMS talks to Carrie about being late when plans are made until she is blue in the face. I believe NMS does understand that I upset and hurt by what CSE. NMS believes, from what I understand, that CSE has priorities mixed up at this point in her life. YES I AM HURT!