I Wish Certain People Would Just Leave Me Alone! Dang!

Being very Serious Now!

I am sick and tired of a certain group of people picking on friends of mine and believe me, I will NEVER allow these people back into my world ever again for as long as I live. My friendship with this certain group of people is over for good and I do not feel sorry for those people whatsoever. These people better fess up to hacking into a friend of mine’s facebook page twice this week. They are sick people and that why I do not want nothing to do with these idiots ever again. They are abusers and emotional, mentally ill, sick people. They are rude and unChristian people who need help!!! I just wish these certain people would just leave me and my friends alone. I hope one day they step into something so big and get caught at it and pay a hefty price for it. These are sick, deranged people. They are yucky people wallowing in their own mental health and do not deserve any friends whatsoever. They are evildoers of Satan. Dang people — GROW UP! Damn!

Waking Up


Waking up this morning to another rainy, yucky day but this gal is not going anywhere today anyway. I went out in the rain yesterday to drop off some paperwork and sign a signature page for a caseworker who deals with food stamps and Medicaid. Today I have my shower at 1130 am – 12 noon. I am not sure if I will see CSE tonight or not because she is having company around six …. which brings up the fact that she is not telling the truth again by how she says things to me. It is like ” why bother with CSE anymore?” always comes across my thinking brain practically everyday AGAIN! aaaarrrrgggg!!!!! CSE can piss me off A LOT… Another aaaarrrrgggg! I may have to walk away from her again for a while. Maybe I won’t have her tonight or tomorrow just to get a break from her again…managing the best I can after KH leaves this afternoon.

More later