A Quickie

I am having grilled cheese – american and swiss – with spinach for supper. Yum! I have asked CSE if she could come down for a while to help me with Bing and have supper with me tonight. She won’t be staying late tonight because both of us want to go to bed fairly early.

I will be back later.

Saturday – Part 1

March 19

My Day So Far

2:37 pm

My day has been very good. I am taking it easy and enjoying myself as I am watching some cartoons I have recorded over the past few days, reading, and writing in my journals. I have texted CSE to see if she will be willing to come down for a few minutes around 530 pm but I have yet not heard back from her yet. I just tried calling CSE but she did not answer the phone. So far my day has been very good and I really can not complain too much. I did call the hospital’s blood lab and did get the creatine count which is 1.6 for me this weekend. I do not believe the doctor will have me do anything but have my creatine checked again in another week or two but because the clinic is not open again until Monday, I won’t get a call until then sometime that day. Maybe again, I won’t hear from them. We will have to wait and see.

2:50 pm

I am watching a recorded episode of Late Night With David Letterman. I recorded the TV show Wednesday night because two guests – Steve Martin and Selena Gomez – are on the show. I really like Steve Martin and his comedian ways as well as his “many” talents he has. I have seen him in many good movies as well as some other TV shows. With Selena Gomez, I like her music and singing as well as her part as Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place program – Disney channel – one of the TV stations I watch on a regular basis. I am doing my very best at getting the recorded TV programs watched but I am FALLING behind in doing such.

I will be back later