My Sunday

I went to urgent care because I had symptoms of an UTI.

I went for a spin to Walgreens in my power chair

I went to Dollar General with CSE, Burger King, and Phillips 66 Gas Station.

I had CSE over for a visit in the evening until just a few minutes ago … 1145 pm.

Now I am heading to bed for the night because I can barely keep my eyes open any longer tonight, lol. I believe, with all the fresh air I had gotten today has helped with the “feel sleeping department” or the fact that I was up until 4 am this morning and had only 3 hours of sleep before going to urgent care to check on my UTI symptoms.

So here I am, dozing off while typing, lol, saying good night and God bless, and will be back tomorrow sometime. All is good. Yawn. Good night and God bless!