One Last Entry of the Night

IPod Has Been Fixed

My IPod has been fixed and is now on its proper date of March 9, 2011. I do have to admit that I was going to wait until tomorrow to resolve the issue but the time was still early enough for me to continue finding the problem and get it resolved tonight after all. It took about an hour and a half but it was not too much trouble. The IPod was in need to have the latest update of software and so it was put back into its original condition and then everything that I had on the Itunes program put ALL the applications, audio books, music, and videos that were on it before back on the IPod so I did not lose anything important or had to download any apps again. So my IPod is updated and working fine again. Yay! Now I can close up shop and come back again tomorrow sometime and now I can take this ol’ body to bed because I am not going to stay up late tonight like I have all weekend and the past two nights along with it. Catching up on sleep is not easy to do whatsoever! So I am going to say good night and God bless now and finally get away from Dear Diary for a few hours. Good night here no everyone! It is going on 1015 pm here now. YAWN…night!

I Am Back, LOL…

A while ago I personally thought I was done writing in my journal here but have come to the realization I am not done yet, lol. Anyway, I am back again tonight to share more of my life. Anyway, I do have more to say. It is not too late yet since it is not past 8 pm here yet — only 7 pm CST right now. Am I tired? No, not really. It was just a lazy afternoon after my shower and I got a lot of journaling done today here throughout the day. I am having issues with my IPod Touch having the date of January 5, 1970 instead of March 9, 2011, and I have had this problem once before but it was corrected after downloading the latest version of ITunes onto the Macbook. It is so frustrating!! It is driving me totally crazy tonight but I am not feeling anxious about it and will not lose sleep over it tonight or any night. I will get the issue handled soon on my own since I am good with computers … maybe not tonight though. It may not be late and bed is not looming too soon yet, but it might be too late to the IPod issue taken care of tonight. I am not going to stay up half the night to troubleshoot my IPod tonight. There are very few late nights for me now-a-days anymore anyway.

Right now I am taking advantage of a house with only myself and Bing Crosby the cat tonight. CSE is not going to be here tonight since she is tired and can not stay awake. So tonight I have my place to myself and I, without sounding mean here, do not have to see her beat the computer mouse on the table, pound on the keys, and slam the computer shut a tad bit too hard tonight. YAY! I get a break tonight. She needs a break from me as well, too, to be very honest about it. She did run herself ragged, without sounding like I am defending her, the past couple of days. I may not have her down tomorrow but it is too early for to think right now. I do miss her presence tonight no doubt, though.

I am going to head off for now and come back tomorrow sometime. God bless and good night everyone! Thanks so much for taking the time to come visit my Dear Diary blog spot and see what my world is all about around me. Everyone. wherever you are, sleep well and have a good Thursday. The weekend will be here before too long now. YAY!