Urgent Care

Because I have been worried about my breathing and my breathing seems to be acting a little differently than I am used to, I had been told by Dr. H that if i am that concerned about it and they do not have appointments open or did they have the equipment at their office, to go to urgent care. I went and had my ears, nose, and throat checked. The doctor working today took a listen at my lungs and there seemed to be something there so the urgent care doctor got an x-ray done and found a small spot on one of my lungs. The radiologist confirmed it to be a small spot of pneumonia so the urgent care doctor put me on a prescription called Augmentin to take care of the pneumonia. I was told by the urgent care doctor that pneumonia is easy to treat and that I will be find but the idea of having it kind of scares me because this is my first time I have ever gotten pneumonia. A tad bit scared I am definitely…not sure what my weekend is going to be like and not having had any sleep for the past couple of days or so now.

MM took me to urgent care this afternoon and was with me helping me understand that the touch of pneumonia was not caused because of fault of mine but my virus I have has a complication while we were still visiting with the doctor, and the doctor agreed with and confirmed once more that I will be okay and tale my medicine and have a check up with Dr. H next week to re-evaluate the urgent care visit. MM said she will call Dr. H’s office to let them know what went on with this visit and get an appointment in the following week.

I am a little scared here but MM said that she will talk to me tomorrow (Friday) and we will go from there.

My World At the Moment

There are a lot of things I dislike but there is one thing I really dislike right now is this Spring cold I do have. It really bugs me to the point it gets into my sinuses and my ears and yesterday, I do not have an ear infection according to the urgent care doctor I went to see right away this morning. I wanted to make sure that I was not going to be dealing with an ear/sinus infection because I can get those easily and having a low grade temp is no fun either. That is what I had the past couple of days and I hope that the temperature goes back to normal real soon. Thank goodness for Tylenol Arthritis — lasts for eight hours or so.