I did not sleep well last night so I laid in bed until after 8 am this morning, took care of some business on the phone, and texted a friend of mine before my morning escaped and my shower gal got here to help me with my shower. Today, being Monday, is going to be a very lazy day for me all day long in comfies, computer not that far away from me, drinking my allotted fluids and Gatorade a day, read more Harry Potter and watch TV recorded programs. Today is my shower day. YAY! More later…

My Last Entry of the Day

It is close to bed time. I am tired — getting there anyway — but watching movies and reading the 5th installment of Harry Potter. So I will be retiring to bed shortly when CKR leaves after visiting for a while. I have been reading Harry Potter and watching recorded TV programs ALL day long. I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow.

Good night and God bless! I will be back tomorrow.