I did not sleep well last night so I laid in bed until after 8 am this morning, took care of some business on the phone, and texted a friend of mine before my morning escaped and my shower gal got here to help me with my shower. Today, being Monday, is going to be a very lazy day for me all day long in comfies, computer not that far away from me, drinking my allotted fluids and Gatorade a day, read more Harry Potter and watch TV recorded programs. Today is my shower day. YAY! More later…

My Last Entry of the Day

It is close to bed time. I am tired — getting there anyway — but watching movies and reading the 5th installment of Harry Potter. So I will be retiring to bed shortly when CKR leaves after visiting for a while. I have been reading Harry Potter and watching recorded TV programs ALL day long. I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow.

Good night and God bless! I will be back tomorrow.

A Chilly Day!

Brrr! It is still winter out there here in Wisconsin. More snow, rain, and icy patches out there once again … and I am still hoping to see my Aunt and Uncle from Omro, Wisconsin but if the weather is yucky, they may bypass Janesville and come back another day when the weather is warmer and Spring again. I did get a call from my Aunt and she told me that they were going to make every effort on coming despite the weather as they were leaving the Rockford area as the roads were not so bad. My world feels a little topsy turvy right now because I doing my best at not getting my hopes up too high in case they have to head straight home from where they were calling from. The waiting game is one of the hardest things for me…

Good Night & God bless!

I am getting tired and feeling like dozing off AGAIN. I am heading to bed shortly. So I am going to say good night and God bless now before I ramble on and on all over again. It was a good day all day and tomorrow is going to be another wonderful day once my Aunt and Uncle get here and take me out to eat.

A Lazy Day!

Today was a very day for me all day long. Having been up since 6 am, I ended up taking a little cat nap in my recliner after 2 pm because I had gotten tired and my eyes were … focusing in and out by then for some reason. I was watching a couple of recorded programs on my DVR system at that time, called dad and found out that my Aunt and Uncle from Omro, Wisconsin were visiting – hearing their voices in the background — the familiar laugh my Aunt has is so distinguishable and easy to … find her in a large family crowd in seconds. I will be seeing my Aunt and Uncle tomorrow for a lunch in the afternoon sometime. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. Yay!

6 AM

I had awakened a couple of times during the night and one of the times I had awakened was at 4 a.m.. I was seriously thinking of getting up at at the hour but decided not to and go back to sleep for awhile … waking up at 6 am and finally getting up for the day and begin my day early. I am getting my sleep time back and … getting up early. Yay!

No Plans This Weekend

I have no major plans this weekend … except to visit the community room to see if there is a card game going on … maybe. Otherwise I am going to stay close to home and work on my journals and get caught up again … like I did here this week. With it being Saturday now, I have been watching a program on Nick called House of Anubis. It is an awesome show and I am catching up on the shows I missed last week due to sleeping a lot and recovering from my illness I had the weekend of the 11th – 14th. When I was not feeling very well I did not do a lot of anything such as Facebook stuff, texting friends and family, and watching recorded TV shows, or any reading. I had finally finished reading the 4th installment of Harry Potter and began reading the 5th installment of Harry Potter yesterday afternoon when J left after grocery shopping and meal preparation for the week. Now I have the weekend. CKR will be here around 5 pm to visit for awhile, though. No major plans this weekend, though. More later….

Good Night & God bless!

I am heading to bed now as it is 1030 pm. CKR left a few moments ago and I have run to the bathroom and now heading to bed for the night. I watched Oprah tonight and saw Diana Ross on the show tonight and enjoyed listening to her talk, and see Billy Dee Williams after 30 years – a surprise that happened tonight for Diana. Loved the show and glad to have seen Diana on TV tonight. Loved her when she was Diana Ross and the Supremes. I was reminded of the Pips, another group of girls I like a lot. GOod night and God bless. I will be back sometime tomorrow. I am tired.

My Evening!!

I have had the late afternoon and early evening to myself until CKR, soon to be Caroline Spafford, got here a while ago to visit and borrow the phone to make an important phone call. She will be back shortly because she has to go home again and take some medication and let her kitty know that she is going to be gone for a while tonight. I will write more later.

The Weekend Has Arrived!!

I am so glad the weekend has FINALLY arrived! It was a long week since I have been back from the hospital from the 14th of February to the mid of the week. I am so happy that the weekend has arrived so I can go grocery shopping, have food preparation meals made for the week, and have the weekend to myself. I am feeling secure again FINALLY!! Yay! I have had my friend CKR, aka CS in the future because she is changing her name legally, over ever since I have been back from the hospital everyday as long as she has not been busy and able to help me out because of my back having a pulled muscle and … loneliness has hit the maximum levels due to high anxiety levels until recently. She was over last night for a while and left while I dozed off on the couch and was gone when I had awakened finding the TV tray table put away and the chair she was sitting in was empty of a human body and Bing was not that far away.

KH came by by 10 am and got me in my shower right away and dressed for the day. Today is my food preparation day and grocery shopping morning with J. Today is going to be fairly busy for me.