Entry #3 – The Rest of My Afternoon & Evening

My appointment with my counselor did go very well. I was glad to have gone and come back home safely and surely. I was right/correct that the sidewalk was shoveled and cleared of snow. In fact, there was no snow on the sidewalk at all when I left for my appointment. MP did a very good job today. Awesome job! I, as a tenant, am impressed with MP’s hard work and determination of the winter job of shoveling and laying down salt to melt any ice particles and snow. It was snowing at 9 am when MM, J, and I went to the store to go grocery shopping and returned back to my apartment, but when I left for my 2 pm appointment with my “shrink”, the snowfall was no longer happening and the sidewalk around the building was done and gone. Amazing!! I did get to my appointment a few minutes late but learned that my counselor was running a little behind herself so i was not totally lost … she is always a little late getting me unto her office anyway.

After i got home from my appointment I visited my neighbor/friend LG at her place for a while before she ate her supper and gave her kitty Rusty, who turned 9 years of age yesterday, some wanted/needed attention. Rusty used to be called Rustinator but I now call him Rusty the Brave after hearing a story about him as a kitten being brave in tramsping from one place to another on a porch of his home – LG’s home in another country. Forgot where at the moment! ARRGG! I hate those moments in my memory issues! It is a country I do wish to visit one day, too! After visiting with LG, I stopped and chatted with four other tenants in the community room playing Gin Rummy at one of the tables. In fact, four tenants were playing a game, and two other tenants were watching and visiting. I met a tenant who moved in a year ago into an apartment on the 2nd floor for the first time this afternoon – early afternoon before getting to my apartment just across the hall from the community room.

Evening is closing in on us very quickly today. I am home, in my pajamas now, a phone call from KH telling me when she will be here for my shower in the morning – 930 am or so is when she will be here tomorrow. I will be heading to bed in a while since I have been up since 545 am again today. Yep, I have been up for 12 hrs + as we speak in this household. Bing and I have yet to have our cuddling time but I think that is not going to happen tonight but WILL happen tomorrow before KH gets here to help with my shower in the morning.

I am not sure what is going to happen this weekend yet but I do know that I will be relaxing and staying comfortable. I am going to say good night and God bless now and head off to bed for the night. Good night and God bless! I will be back tomorrow sometime.

Entry #2 – Afternoon 1

My morning went well and went by very quickly. Today, living in Wisconsin is rather snowy and white as snow is falling fast and causing a lot of wetness on the ground – sidewalks are in need of shoveling but we do have a hard worker for that out there now, I believe. After grocery shopping at Wal-Mart this morning, MM, J, and I came back to my apartment and we made chili and mac N cheese dishes for this week’s meal preparation day. Both MM and J were out of here by 1130 am leaving the rest of the morning to myself and Bing. The meals did not take as long this time. Next week J and I are going to make meatloaf and split pea soup. MM won’t be here since her week next week is going to be busy and kind of screwy. I do have plans for meals coming up in February.


After MM and J left, I ate a mac N cheese meal for lunch and will have chili for supper tonight.

Right now I am relaxing, for at least another 45 minutes, before getting ready to go to my 2 pm appointment with my counselor as I will be picked up at 130 pm or so to get there. I have to go back out in the snowy world once again but I will be in and out and home within an hour and a half after going out in it again. I thought it was amazing outdoors this morning as the snow was falling and making the world white on the sidewalks awaiting to be shoveled yet. I think MP is out there now shoveling. Not sure since I can not see outside my window right now anyway. Too far away and not in the mood to look. I want to stay put, lol, anyway. I will be leaving shortly and I will see, then, if MP has been out there shoveling by seeing snow or no snow on sidewalk.

I will be back later this afternoon when I get home from my appointment to write more. I have to head off now and get going. Have a good afternoon everyone!!!

Entry #1 – Morning

Today is one of those days – a busy one to be – is going to a day of writing on spur of the moment right here without using a word processor to write my entries today all day long. As or now, I am up and dressed, had my breakfast of yogurt – blueberry – played some games on Facebook already, have been watching Live TV this morning, and within an hour, J and MM will be here for meal preparation day for the week. A busy day it is going to be and it began at 4:45 through 5:30 am this morning for me. Early to bed lately brings on early to rise. I want to make sure, since last Thursday, that I do not miss breakfast anymore as it is the most important meal of the day on top of my day. I have noticed that I have been having a little more energy lately, too. Yay!

Well, I better had off for the time being because I need to find a certain recipe for banana bread that I can do and use as I have bananas almost ready for banana bread, and also I have to get my grocery list done for the week. Busy morning now and since it is going on 815 am there is no more time to lolligag any long since company will be here in a while – 45 minutes from now pretty much – MM always fashionably late, lol. I will be back later. Good bye for now.