All Caught Up Now

Like I said on December 6, 2010, catching up is not easy to do, but today I am caught up. FINALLY! I do enjoy writing in a journal but not always do I write in my journal on the day, like today, my thoughts are actually shared. I do write in a notebook from time to time, too, and record my thoughts on the day they are to be written and keep up to date as possible. I hate to not write but not always do I have time to get to my journal online. I do enjoy writing all the same though. My world may not always be joyous and I do bitch from time to time, but getting my thoughts and feelings out before heading to bed is one thing I need to do so I do not go to bed wondering and worrying about things since wondering and worrying gets my anxiety up from time to time. I know I said good night a little bit ago but another entry needed to be written before retiring for the night and my thoughts needed to be let go before they drove me crazy and put me in the nuthouse. I suffer from anxiety and depression from time to time these days now that winter has hit us in Wisconsin and the cold, dreary days have come for the next several weeks until at least the middle of April. Even the episode of Bones does not make too much sense but that is not the end of the world since I have decided to record it for later. Life is full of mystery at times. We do live in a world of confusion at times too.

It’s getting late now. Dang! Tomorrow I have an appointment at 2 pm and will be leaving here about 1:30 pm or so. I want to go and do not want to go because of the cold, dreary weather. The want to is because a counseling appointment is needed now that I have not been there for almost a month now and that is too long to not be talking to someone outside my friend circle and who is in my professional circle. Today, right now, I wish that Thursday would never end once it gets here but there is no way to stop time without interrupting the nature of things and whatever stopping time would interrupt. We do have to move on but dreaming and trying to make sense of things movies have from time to time does happen no matter what. I do dream from time to time when awake and asleep, lol, just like everyone else.

My Day Today

It has been a very good day all day long. In fact, I slept two hours or so away so my afternoon went by very quickly today. The nap was an unexpected one because I was just going to close my eyes for a few minutes due to an eye ache I had this afternoon. So my afternoon has been shortened for just that reason. An oops on my part actually. I have not had a nap in a long time or so it seems anyway.

Since I have been up around 4:45 p.m., I do have to admit that I had awakened thinking it was 4:45 a.m. Thursday morning and I did wonder why it was daylight at that hour of the morning when it is dark and quiet in the wintry months. After realizing that it was still Wednesday afternoon and I had fallen asleep due to the slight eye ache, I do have to admit that embarrassment has rolled into my little world this afternoon.

When it came to be 7 p.m., about 2 hours later, I was thinking of watching the 3rd installment of the Harry Potter series but decided not to and watch live TV for the first time in a long time. I usually watch recorded DVR shows and movies during the week and weekends to stay caught up. I even have 2 soap opera shows yet to watch – yesterday and today – of Days of Our Lives a dear and close friend of mine got me into in the past couple of years. The show is good and I do wonder how in the world one can watch a soap opera these days when our own lives are soap operas themselves but is not on television these days.

Right now I watching “Bones” on TNT and enjoying the show right now. I like David Boreanaz who played Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel – two good shows now in syndication or available on Netflix today. I am a Netflix member now. Love it!

I will be retiring to bed shortly … if I can get to sleep early tonight. The nap sort of messed with my sleep today. I hope I am not grumpy tomorrow because I do have to go to an appointment outside the building and come back home to resume my day of journaling, playing games, and chores. I hate doing chores but they have to be done.

The end of my day is coming soon so I am going to say good night and God bless. Have a great night, everyone! Love you all!