Feeling Better!

Feeling better but at the moment, out of it, I am feeling dazed from having a good night’s rest here at the hospital — given a sleeping pill — over night. The effects of the pill was in me even though I was aware and walking about before heading out and about the floor. I am feeling better, yes, and I am going to the bathroom normally now except for the fact of no. 2, even though I can feel my bowels forming now that hydration has occurred once again. I do have to admit that my experience this time did scare me a little bit but not for long as soon as I got to the 6th floor where I stayed the night. I am glad to be heading back home today. I did find someone to come get me and take me back home.

Dehydrated Again

I had a temperature on Tuesday, could not eat or drink anything without vomiting or feeling nauseous so I decided to come to Madison this morning and express my concerns of dehydration once again, and was admitted within a couple of hours after getting my labs drawn a 2nd time, an urine specimen done, and a quick run over of my health history. We got the results back showing that I was dehydrated, I was given medicine – a shot – for nausea, and taken up to a room on the 4th floor until my room on the 6th floor was ready, and by 6:30 p.m., I was up where I felt safe and a place I knew even though the nurses and the doctors were younger and I knew Dr. P the moment I set eyes on him. I will be here until tomorrow afternoon.

To continue what has been going on, with dehydration, I am not sure what to say except for the fact that I have been drinking lots of water to keep myself hydrated but somewhere along the line, between Friday afternoon when I got my blood work done and today, dehydration has come about in a way unknown to me. when Tuesday I had gotten the fever, it is figured that I may have had something and as of Tuesday through Thursday, I could not hold food down or drink anymore water so today was the day I headed up to Madison.