3:20 P.M.

Ahhh…in a few minutes I have to get ready to go…YAY! I am watching an episode of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace and once that is over – recorded – I am going to get myself going. I am having a wonderful day … feeling happy that I got my DLS done before 10 a.m., got some journaling caught up, lol … lots of journals were handwritten … I am dressed and ready to go and I am glad I am going to be out of my apartment building for a little while even though it is going to be about an hour … good enough for me. Even the recorded program I am watching is making me roll my eyes! Nancy Grace is also a no nonsense type of person and I like that. I can not wait to watch an episode of Judge Judy when I get back home from my appointment – a judge I feel is awesome as well … another no nonsense judge/person … gotta love Judge Judy! HEHEHEHEHE


My Afternoon I

I do have to admit that waiting for 3:45 – 3:50 p.m. is like pulling teeth even though time is not slow at the moment. For time being going at a normal speed is VERY nice. But once my appointment finally arrives, it will be an in and out kind of thing … these “foot” appointments with Dr. A go very fast all the time. I feel like I bounce in a chair and bounce right back out, lol, even though that is definitely not true but the feeling is exactly that, though. I am watching recorded shows while I wait patiently … a patience that seems to be nerve wrecking more so than anything — a patience that is running out even so. I NEED A JOB whether it is inside the home or outside the home … more so inside the home online. I just want a JOB! I am sick and tired of dinking around … I am ready to get out in the world — thanks for friends for getting me out to do that more and I am still pain-free.