Tomorrow’s Plans

I have my shower in the morning but I have no plans whatsoever to do ANYTHING until Tuesday and Friday this coming week. The weekend has come and is now leaving us for another work, school, and week of appointments … whatever the week may be for everyone. I do not work right now and I am done with school, but I do have appointments this week and I am, as silly as it may sound, looking forward to the upcoming week. I can not wait for tomorrow. I always look forward to my showers every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings! I am actually looking forward to LB coming on Tuesday to help with my daily living skills (DLS).

Time is SO Slow Right Now!

I am having some difficulty right now … time is so slow right now. Talked to my mom early this evening because I did not want to be up after 9 p.m. tonight and so we chatted for a while but nothing new to report … five minutes and we were done chatting … not surprised actually. I did not even have anything new to report really, either, and when Mom needs to get a hold of me, she texts me anyway. I do the same as well. We chat every Sunday unless other plans detain us to call another day. We have chatted during the week a few times in the most recent past because Sundays do escape us from time to time, too. But NOT today — time is so slow for me. I cannot wait until it is time to go to bed and get some sleep. I had a good weekend otherwise … just today seems so slow for some reason. ARRGG!!

Is It Even Possible

Keeping up with a journal is not easy anymore. It is not that I do not want to write in my journal of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and other things … it is just the fact that I do not do it everyday and playing catch up is what I do best. Is it even possible that time goes by so quickly and go by so slowly. Today is one of those days … seriously … and it is NOT fun whatsoever. I have showers three days a week which are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then the weekends are all mine to do whatever I want. I have done some spur of the moment things in the past three to four months now on the weekends, and have attended church a little here and there because I have other plans made or just wanted to stay home away from people … just want to do my thing on the weekends at times. When Winter finally arrives, it is GOING to be TOUGHER to get out and enjoy the days trampsing about with friends and family. I wish Winter was not so cold and so snowy, but that is what we get in the state of Wisconsin anyway.