A NoTe

The capiTal T is being used because somewhere in The SeTTings I played wiTh on my compuTer (deskTop) is screwed up momenTarily. Thanks for undersTanding and I rarely use my deskTop compuTer These days anyway .. have iT on buT ThaT is abouT all. I will figure iT ouT soon!

A QuieT Day

IT was a very quieT day for me Today. Whenever I can, when I do noT have appoinTmenTs, I Take iT a pajama day and I am very careful whaT company comes and goes. Now-a-days I do noT have a whole loT of company over since CKR no longer comes down or is allowed To come down To visiT anyway. She has really hurT me and I will noT allow iT To happen again for as long as I can hold ouT. I am noT friends wiTh liars anymore and ThaT is The way iT goes These days in my home. I am living a sTress-free live Today and always … FOREVER if I can help iT from now on. IT was an AWESOME day!