A Quickie

I am heading to bed here in a few minutes so my journal entry will not be long tonight. I did have a very good day. I had my shower at 10 a.m. this morning and got into comfy clothing for the entire day and took a nap to rid a headache I had gotten in the early afternoon. I dozed off watching an episode of Night Gallery by Rod Serling. I had awakened to the sounds of Law & Order on TV and decided to get back up at 6 p.m., but I am heading to bed here in a few again. It was a very good day. Even Bing had someone say hello to him from outside when a neighbor looked into the window and saw him behind me on the recliner, lol. That was a little scary when I looked out at first because Bing was behind me on the recliner and not on the futon/couch looking out himself. I guess I will have to begin closing the blinds, lol…I hate doing that because Bing loves his window watching. I texted my friend JSL a little bit today but not a lot. We have said our good nights and both of us shut off our phones for the night. Tomorrow marks a new day so I am heading to bed now. Good night and God bless.

Okay…I Am Pissed!

I am not sure if it is true yet or not, but I had to change some things online at one of my online diaries tonight because for some reason I could not get in to write in my journal when I have used a certain email address and password for the longest time and tonight it will NOT work at all. Maybe it is not me being pissed or anything really … just upset and unsure of what is really happening right now because I am tired but at the same time trying to write in my journals tonight before finally retiring for the night. It has been an usual evening after 7:30 p.m. anyway.

More later…