My World on a Sunday

Today was a day of relaxation, watching television, and playing on the computer. Nothing new happened today except that I did do some picking up of dirty clothes and towels on the floors of my apartment complex, and have been running to the bathroom several times today, lol. Yes, I was dehydrated and a little scared from Thursday on to yesterday, but I do have to admit that the fear I had was well justified. I personally hope that no one else, in TM knows of my hospitalization except for LG and KR, and her husband – those who are in the building anyway. I am heading to bed now so I am going to say good night.

Some Days I Wish I Was Young Again… Why?

I do not believe in Halloween anymore like I once I did — when I was younger/ I once enjoyed dressing up as Wonder Woman, Scooby Doo, a ghost, cowboy, a police officer, and an army gal. Wonder Woman and Scooby Doo were my favorite characters at the time I was young. My father was a police officer for our city.. I remember dressing up, once last time, when I was 17 years old, to go trick or treating with a very dear friend of mine who was taking her nephew who was at about 2 years of age about that time, and BLM and I went out knocking on doors saying trick or treat hoping that no one would recognize me and know exactly how old I really was – I like 13 years old at that age, seriously…

Anyway, today, I know longer believe in Halloween, even though I enjoy seeing young ones dressed up in their favorite costumes, but today such costumes are horrific! Too many young kids dress in costumes that are just not my thing anymore even though I do wonder what some kids have chosen for this year. When the “Scream” series came out, I remember, was such a big deal and people were dressing up as the horror character! No one dresses as their favorite cartoon character, Very young kids do, though, thank goodness! I remember last year, a receptionist of one of my doctors dressed up as Gene Simmons stage look of Kiss. I thought she personally looked FANTASTIC, and I do like Gene Simmons and his TV reality series show, Gene Simmons’ “Jewels” For a singer of the group “Kiss”. I do not mind people dressing up as such,but of horrific characters is beyond me!!

I did enjoy Halloween at one time but not as much anymore.

Feeling Better!

Feeling better but at the moment, out of it, I am feeling dazed from having a good night’s rest here at the hospital — given a sleeping pill — over night. The effects of the pill was in me even though I was aware and walking about before heading out and about the floor. I am feeling better, yes, and I am going to the bathroom normally now except for the fact of no. 2, even though I can feel my bowels forming now that hydration has occurred once again. I do have to admit that my experience this time did scare me a little bit but not for long as soon as I got to the 6th floor where I stayed the night. I am glad to be heading back home today. I did find someone to come get me and take me back home.

Dehydrated Again

I had a temperature on Tuesday, could not eat or drink anything without vomiting or feeling nauseous so I decided to come to Madison this morning and express my concerns of dehydration once again, and was admitted within a couple of hours after getting my labs drawn a 2nd time, an urine specimen done, and a quick run over of my health history. We got the results back showing that I was dehydrated, I was given medicine – a shot – for nausea, and taken up to a room on the 4th floor until my room on the 6th floor was ready, and by 6:30 p.m., I was up where I felt safe and a place I knew even though the nurses and the doctors were younger and I knew Dr. P the moment I set eyes on him. I will be here until tomorrow afternoon.

To continue what has been going on, with dehydration, I am not sure what to say except for the fact that I have been drinking lots of water to keep myself hydrated but somewhere along the line, between Friday afternoon when I got my blood work done and today, dehydration has come about in a way unknown to me. when Tuesday I had gotten the fever, it is figured that I may have had something and as of Tuesday through Thursday, I could not hold food down or drink anymore water so today was the day I headed up to Madison.

Okay… This is Ridiculous! I Know Now I Am Dehydrated Again!

I am done playing games with my health. I know now that I am dehydrated AGAIN and I have to get myself taken care of myself again. With the memory how things went last time, during the 4th of July weekend, I was not going to mess with my local ER but head of up to Madison in the morning if I got a ride up to Madison somehow. I have been unable to hold down water, food, unable to go to the bathroom either way, and I had found myself unable to sleep two nights now by this morning — like day and night did not even exist at all in my world. My emotions were a little off but I knew deep down in my anxiousness that I am not losing my kidney after 22 years. I am just a little anxious not knowing how ill I am with my dehydration this time but I sure do feel crappy!! I am going to Madison tomorrow with no hesitation.

A Relaxing Day

I had a very relaxing day. I did not even get out of bed until 11 a.m. this morning, lol, but I was awake by 8 a.m. this morning. I just laid on the couch/futon watching or listening to the TV … dozing in and out until 11 a.m…. I have been instructed by the ‘doctor’ to take my blood pressure 3x a day: morning, noon, dinner, and bedtime, this weekend because I have had a fright of blood pressure elevation, so relaxing this weekend has been a need/want/must. Whatever you want to put it…I guess.

I did not get online today very much … a little after 9 p.m. tonight. I was just not in the mood…


Anyway, I watched TV for the entire day but I did not watch any horror flicks such as Friday, the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and so forth. I did watch a movie titled Twilight and that was a very good.

Heading off. I will be back tomorrow.

Blood Work

I was worried, again, about my kidney counts (blood work) so I went to the clinic down the street to get my labs drawn for the month, and my blood work proved to be just fine even though I am beginning to feel otherwise. I will keep on tabs on my health throughout the week and keep my coordinator and doctor updated on how I feel and so forth.