My Day Was GOOD!

My day was a good day. I feel tired and so I am going to log off the computer for the night here shortly. Tonight is not going to be a late night tonight. I am going to bed early tonight and before falling asleep, I am going to watch some recorded television programs. I did get a phone call from CKR and a knock on my door earlier but did not answer the phone or the knock on my door. I am still not in the mood to see her yet. I am still not happy with her about going behind my back to a friend of mine – JSL – to be told to stay out of CKR’s business. I have, in a way and after thinking about it, staying out of her business has been nothing but asking her honest questions, and so her telling my friend JSL to stay out of CKR’s business is to stay out of her life. I am working on getting my spare key back from her so NO ONE has a spare key of mine anymore. I know who my true friends are and that is all that matters.

Good Afternoon!

My Afternoon

Not a whole lot going on this afternoon here in the household. Bing is napping in my power chair while I watch TV, work/write on/in my journal(s), and thinking of doing some reading today as well. Things are quiet in the front and it is going to stay that way for the day. I am still pain-free, a record of 3 weeks now I believe as of today. I have some aches but it is not joint pain from my contractures due to having a condition called cerebral palsy (CP). Anyway, I feel pretty good physically.

Thoughts About Yesterday


Every Tuesday, for the most part anyway, I have LB, my LSW (Living Skills Worker) come and help me with the cleaning of my home. Yesterday, with the bathroom cleaned, laundry washed, bathroom and kitchen floors swept, and a couple of shelves moved from one spot to another to give my place a little more room to move about, I was so glad it was done as planned. I did wake up and did not want to move the two shelves from one spot to another but LB made it easier for me by saying that I was not going to move them, and so I let it go at that. I had awakened with a stuffy nose and the beginnings of a cold, or allergies. I did not want to cancel her coming over because I wanted to go to my afternoon appointment that was counseling. If I cancelled LB coming over for the day, I would have had cancelled my counseling appointment with PS as well. Anyway, I stuck to my guns and kept both appointments for the day. After LB and I got done cleaning and had done what we had planned for this week’s cleaning spree, I did feel lots better.


All I can say about my counseling appointment with PS yesterday is … It went well!

More later