MEE is out of my life for good for a good reason and having him come back into my life will be damming and … _______! I am royally pissed at him now and I will never allow him back into my life ever again. He is a hateful, mean, spiteful, man who has mental issues and problems that will never be fixed because he has put himself in a very bad situation and many people have stopped helping him because he went from a real nice, loving, and caring gentleman to a violent, fighting mad, and ill gentleman. He will pay for his actions one day. I will continue praying for MEE but even his continued actions; judgment on my end that I should not be doing, has proven to be a very lost cause and I am beginning lose the wants to pray for MEE and his fiancee now more so than anything. I am that upset with him.

Now I Am ROYALLY Pissed!

JSL and DL dropped off their cat Cuddles for me to watch over her while they were gone to her parents to dog sit for the rest of the week and weekend until Sunday sometime had told me something that really pissed me off about a man who I thought was a true friend but turned out he was not after almost 15 years. What they told me actually was a horrible thing in my book. MEE got his girlfriend/fiancee KW pregnant on purpose so he would never lose her. Apparently his damn brain was in his damn penis on this one. MEE’s and KW’s relationship is not a healthy relationship at all as both of them are mentally ill and suicidal. A horrible situation that needs to be prayed about. The idea that MEE got KW pregnant on purpose so he would never lose her has really done its damage to ever becoming friends with him in the near future …. he is out of my life for good. He is very ill and needs more professional help outside the professional help he is already receiving. He needs to be put in an institution and the key thrown out for the rest of his life along with his fiancee KW! I do not feel sorry for either of them and I am forever grateful MEE is out of my life and I will NEVER speak to him again even if I see him out in public somewhere. Let me put it this way … a walking, breathing man MEE is is … dead to me now. I hate him with the worst passion now…I do not hate usually, either but I really hate MEE now. He is a sick man!