One Final Thought of the Day…

Ahh, bedtime is just around the corner. Decided to have some popcorn while watching some more TV before going to bed. It has been a VERY good day … a VERY good week for the most part excluding the pain I had last Sunday and this past Monday. I have had CKR over for short visits yesterday and today, so tomorrow will be a day for me … hopefully, anyway. LOL

5 p.m.

CKR has left a few moments ago so now I have my apartment to myself once again. I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open now and that is driving me crazy. I decided to watch TV a little longer and doze off if necessary. I can always sleep in Friday morning since I do not have a job outside the building yet. I am doing things to keep myself going for a little while anyway. I am glad to have my place to myself now.