CPAP Machine Problems??!!

I used my CPAP machine for only 5 minutes today before it decided to shut itself off because it was having problems and telling me that the “check tube” warning message when there was no leak going on. Machine pissed me off and I use it faithfully unless I have allergy issues.

My Sunday All Day!

I did go to church this morning and glad I went. Getting into the church van was a challenge to some degree but I was able to manage just fine. The church van picked me up after 9 a.m. since the driver was running late due to confusion in picking up other church goers. There is no Sunday School classes going on until September sometime so I went to the 2nd service and then came back home on the van … seeing JSL and her husband DL, and our friend KW just before leaving the parking lot, lol … and when I got home and relaxed, I looked at the time and was shocked at what time it was, lol. I am so used to getting picked up for church by 9 a.m., going to Sunday School during 2nd service, and then going to the 3rd service at 11 a.m., so when I saw the time was 11:30 a.m. when I looked, I was a little confused at first.

After Church

By the time I had gotten over the shock of what time it was and that I went to the 2nd service at church, and came home after the 2nd service, I had pretty much a relaxing afternoon at home watching television and being online for the day, and then had company over for the evening. It was just a relaxing kind of afternoon.