I am beginning to notice the pain throughout my body now. Thank goodness I did not use my cane today while out on the IDS outing at the Fireside for lunch and matinee program. I used my walker which was a wonderful support for such a day like today … a body with pain increasing as the day continues to grow. Despite the pain, I had a great time with other IDS clients and I enjoyed the show about Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash Tribute

Today I went with the IDS clan to the Fireside to see the Johnny Cash program. I found myself having a great time with other IDS clients, too. Lunch was also included and it was very good and tasty. The Johnny Cash tribute was of songs sung by talented singers of the Fireside production that Johnny Cash sang during his lifetime as a country singer star himself … along with his wife June Carter Cash. I personally thought the tribute was very touching and I was able to get to know “the man in black” more and the road I walked down was with “the man in black” himself through his music and story the Fireside company shared. I laughed and wanted to cry at times when hearing about his story. Usually the Fireside productions have plays and musicals but the Johnny Cash Tribute was just a compilations of his songs sung by him throughout his singing career. Yep…

I had a great time today!