Her Lies Have Been Silenced!

Because I am totally done with JT now, her lies have been silenced! I have silenced her to the point of non-existence now and I am very happy and JT free along with being stress free from her for good. She is a sex addict bitch and I am no longer involved in her life which also includes her daughter S, who is also troubled in her own, different way. The family of JT has also been silenced for good as well … even though I have been a surrogate Aunt to S’s two beautiful and growing boys. I had to the Christian thing, even though tonight I was not acting like a Christian making my point to JT from inside my apartment while she power chaired away to the elevator back to her apartment on the 3rd floor. I am totally done with this sex addict bitch …. slut in my book and she can have this registered sex offender for the rest of sex addict days since I no longer am involved with her anymore. She is just as sick as this registered sex offender/. Thank goodness she is moving out of the building to some other place! I really do not like her anymore and she can have a life without me. Now I think, assume, I know why she really divorced her now ex-husband, and moved here. Do I regret ever being friends with JT? Yes, sort of. I do regret ever being friends with JT a few years ago but then not regretful because I did not know what type of person she really was then.

I Am … Finished With JT For Good!

That is so very true even though I have said so many times before, but this time I am finished with JT for good, and I will NOT change my mind this time. She did piss me off for the last time and with her actions in life, I am sick and tired of her bullshit that she has been playing. What made my silence with her in the 1st place was the fact that she told me that she was having contact with a registered sex offender — a man now but a boy when I first met him in 5th grade in elementary school and regret even ever knowing the jackass now more than ever than when I was a 5th grader in elementary school. This man is a sick man who decides to have sex with his own daughter … gross and not humane whatsoever. He is a registered sex offender because of it and playing the innocent game which I believe is a lie on his part because if the court made a mistake, they would retract their findings and take him off the registered sex offender list and they have never done so. She had given her 30 days notice that she was moving to Texas to be with him and then a couple days later … she texts me that she is not moving to Texas after all. That is what broke all ties with her…and tonight she acted childish and bitchy towards me because I did tell her that yes, I am mad at her and for not to bother me again that our friendship was completely over. Then the texts came calling me a bitch, an untrue friend, and that I will not ever bitch or complain to her about the tenants in the building. That prompted me to call the cell phone company and see about blocking her from ever calling or texting me ever again … now totally done with her and no way will I ever change my mind ever again.