Rough Day … Snowball Affect

It Began at 9:30 a.m.

Honestly… I ended up taking a shower at 12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m. this afternoon … throwing my day off to the point of plans being changed and the day ran amuck with everything else. From 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. my day ended up having the snowball affect … but 5 p.m … the day did not totally end in total chaos and problematic issues.

More later…

Two Things On My Mind Today …

There are two things on my mind today. They are… as follows:


It dawned on me this morning while I was at church with a neighbor/friend that today if my Grandpa Clarence was alive, he would have been 98 years old but seven years ago he died of complications to Alzheimer’s Disease on February 15, 2003. With that … remembering Grandpa today … a little later in the morning. Yes, Grandpa and Grandma are still greatly missed at times and today is one of those days.

A tenant passed away today. May her family be watched over by God and angels while they grief and prepare a funeral or memorial for her in the next several days. My heart goes out to the family very much … an emptiness that seems to be here right now. This tenant was a sweetheart and a good person who have had succumbed to cancer today after a few months of a fight … a fast acting cancer I believe.


Last Class ALL Done!

No more classes … no more homework … no more studying … no more postings … no more textbook readings. I am done with school now and have received my assignment(s) feedback this morning when I had gotten online. The facilitator said she will post the final grades tomorrow (Sunday) and today according to my final weekly feedback I have a percentage of 90.7% as my final percentage. Yay!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Birthday Today

MEE has a birthday today. I believe he is 37 years old! WOW! The years have grown fast since I met him in 1992! I do not talk to him much anymore except on facebook but that is okay. He has a life now with a girlfriend/fiancee now. I hope MEE has a nice birthday today!!!!


I really am finding myself in a little state right now … the rain and the cloudiness has gotten to me quite a bit today … and for the past few days. I remember having real good flexible muscles and joints on Monday but the rest of the week has proven to be a lot more challenging and today is one of those days to have noticing it. It is just mind boggling for some reason today. It bothers me to the point of an achy distraction right now and it does hurt. This summer has been REAL hot and it has been one of the hottest summers to contend with for me. Having arthritis at the age of 40 really stinks and I hate it with a passion right now. Everything seems to slow down on me …. my physicalness is being challenged today BIG time and that stinks too! Even on Tuesday, going to an appointment, I had to take my power chair with me and ride it instead of walking because walking just was staggering and tipsy since the moment I had awakened so I was very unsteady Tuesday … even Wednesday! AAARRRGGG!


I persoinally wish that these allergies would just leave me alone! They are driving me crazy and it is so hard to sleep all night with the CPAP machine’s mask right now, too. I have been going to bed in the bedroom to begin with and then… … … I am up and out in the livingroom sleeping in the recliner the rest of the night. It is just a HOT summer this year and as a child I do not remember how hot it was then.

Red Flags Going Up & Some People Just Don’t Care!

Red Flags Going Up

At this time red flags are rising up high to warn and show me that I need to be careful in an area of my life … to tread carefully with a friendship I am gunhoe about. I have pet peeves and those pet peeves are very personal so I will not be sharing them with anyone but with God. This friendship is questionable and something, thanks to these red flags that rise high, has to be done about it but I will pray about it and make sure that this is just a fluke and a part of my anxiousness so I shall see. I may have to dissolve a friendship once again. :(

Some People Just Don’t Care!

Yep, that is a true thought and title for this entry…

Where I live some tenants just do not care to abide the rules that have been set forth because of founded problems that needed to be resolved. We now have cameras throughout the building recording any action a tenant does in the hallway, lobby, community room, and out back in the parking lot. I know of a tenant, who will remain nameless, who does not care about the cameras and wish they were not here, but this tenant who I am speaking of has defaced property a few times when the cameras were yet not installed to record any activity. yes, some people just do not care and one of those people happens to be the one who will remain nameless today.

I am happy now where I live now that I do not live on the 3rd floor since October 2009. I just keep to myself for the most part even though I can enjoy the community room with other tenants but will not because of what is somertimes discussed by tenants … gossip is not my thing … it is wrong anyway. Some tenants just do not care around here. Why be a part of such a clique?! I won’t. I have better things to do. I have had to talk to manager about a tenant a cpuple of times because of this tenant not following the rules for one of the complaints and for being excessively nosy about why the ambulance was here for me on the morning of the 4th of July and come to find out that other tenants learned of my experience because of this tenant’s big mouth. I do not feel any sympathy for anyone in here anymore when it comes to having to get to the point of nipping the bud and taking care of the problem somehow. Tenants say what they say to your face but then continue with the breaking of the rules!!! Jiminy Crickets!!!!


I had this feeling of searching for someone on facebook today…come to find her on another friend’s page and went to her facebook page, requested her friendship, and bang boom, we are now friends! I am so very happy to have found this person today. She was pressing on my mind the past couple of days … not a bad feeling or anything … just was thinking of her. We found each other!!!! YAY! I am a happy person today.

Done With Class Today / No More School

I am done with school as of today…my last class with be done for me shortly. After today, I will just have to wait patiently for my final grade to post and then fill out information at the school to get my Masters degree diploma. I am, even though this last class was compelling and fun, I am finding myself burning out from school. I will go back to school one day but any time soon to get my CPA exam taken and done, but that is going to happen a couple of years or so from now at this point in time. I did enjoy the studies, homework, the challenges of online classes and online college but now after five years of college, I am now a successful student and have done well in college. I do not know if I am burned out from going to school because of the fact that I have turned 40 on the 3rd of July or not, but I do have to admit that I am burned out from attending school for some reason or another. The reason is not founded just yet. Oh well. Anyway, today has been a good day otherwise. It was not a long day after all, either. Gotta run for now.