June 4, 2010 – 2

Weather Is Still Okay

The weather is still doing okay. Dreary and cloudy out there, and yet no sun, but no storms as of yet. I am doing okay emotionally but feeling a little blah.

Talk To MM

Every Monday and Friday I talk to my caseworker MM. Today, a few moments ago I just got done speaking with her over the phone, and we talked about certain things and what my plans are for over the weekend. MM always encourages me to do some face to face interaction with friends and other people during the weekend, but this weekend we are not worried about face to face interaction because I will be attending church on Sunday and I will be interacting with lots of other church members and church family. YAY!

June 4, 2010

Not Sure Yet

The weather is not very cooperative today yet again, lol. We are expecting thunderstorms after the noon hour and it is raining right now. It is cloudy, wet, rainy, and definitely depressing out there as well as in here because of the light is not very bright. I have the kitchen light on right now along with the hall light on and it is still kind of dark in here because of what it is doing outside. I wish the weather would make up its mind on what its going to do but I know God is in control and the best weather forecaster we will ever have.

Due to weather conditions and possible foul weather. I am not sure if I will be writing later but I will do my best. Later… Good bye for now but not forever…as some of diarists may want, lol.