My Day Today

Today being Easter was just another day for me. I did not have any plans for the day even though I did see someone I have not seen in a long time … who traveled from Wauseka, Wisconsin to see my LLM/NMS for the afternoon at lunch, and I did have company over from 3 to 10 p.m. today. I did talk to my dad, my mom, and a former teacher I have had contact since 6th grade. Today may have been an ordinary day for me, but it was a good, ordinary day for me. I did not have anything special for dinner or anything because I was not in the mood to have anything special. Did I feel left out? No, not at all. Today, as a delayed posting from my now former facilitator of the last class, I found out that I had gotten a B- in the class I had received as my final grade. I am definitely okay with that. Today was not a bad day at all. It was a VERY good day….a very good day indeed.