RB was picked up around 3 p.m.. I did not sleep well last night because of the warmth of my apartment and the restless of my joints and muscles, and the confusion of RB staying or not staying overnight. I only had 6 hours of sleep and in order for me to function fully I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. I did feel the twitching of my muscles for of the day until a couple of hours ago. I did get a two hour nap, after RB left, to get the two hours of sleep I did lose sleep. After waking up, I got watching more television and ate supper, and went to class for a while online.


Got the laundry done and dishes cleaned, thanks to the help of RB. We watched a couple of movies and recorded TV shows, and chatted. I believe it is going to be a late night – a night of confusion, fun, and restlessness for both me and RB. This day has not gone as planned for the most part.


Confusion to the max today and believe it or not, it is driving me crazy. My muscles are weakened today and tight at the same time. I have 3 to 4, maybe even 5 loads of laundry to do today, dishes to do, and some cleaning to do. My friend RB is coming over to stay the night and I believe tonight is the last night I will have anyone sleep over for a while; AAARRRGGG! It is just one of those days today…

Really Liking my Not-For-Profit & Government Accounting Class

I have been in my 3rd class away from being done with my educational endeavors completely. I found out that I will be done with college on July 5, 2010. I am excited and ready for school to be completely over with — for once, too. I love college and school, but it is time for me to hang up my coat on the education thing. I will have, as of July 5th my bachelors and masters degree. Then, I can, say I have gotten a degree and look for work in the field of accounting. Anyway, now with my Taxation class being done and over with, and a C+ under my belt = [passing the class with a reasonable grade because of the toughness of the class, I am really enjoying my Not-For-Profit & Government Accounting class very much. i am familiar with this type of accounting because I am a handicapped adult with a very mild condition called Cerebral Palsy, and have been involved with programs of the not-for-profit end since 1989. I am really liking this class very much and I have only begun … Tuesday was my first day of a 6 week course and today is only the 4 day of class. I have been already working on homework past 5 p.m. because the work is compelling and worth doing.

My Day Today

Ahhh, today was one day that was semi-expected. I decided to go to class for a while to get my discussion questions all done for the week so I could concentrate on my paper that is due on Monday, February 22, along with making sure i get to an appointment in the afternoon and back home without the worries of having my paper done and ready to hand in before 11;59 p.m.. I want to go to class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week so I can concentrate on the weekend for the paper and reading the class material for the week to get the weekly summary finished for the week. The semi-unexpected portion of my day was to watch recorded programs on my DVR system, took a twenty minute nap in my recliner, and ended up studying class material for class from 4 to 8:30 p.m….when usually I put my studies aside by 5 p.m..


I am going to be relaxing somewhat today. Relaxing and doing some homework anyway. Nothing major going on in my world today. I do have my shower gal coming this morning yet but that won’t be for a while yet. I have not been sleeping the greatest the past couple of nights because I am so geared about my class starting and the first week of class beginning yesterday. I am also happy that I did pass my last class with a C+ even though it is believed I could have done better on the quiz we had. I did not pass the quiz.

Time Escapes Me Yet Again

Where in the world does the time go when it comes to being up since 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. at night? Time escapes me yet again today. I have been busy running errands, school resumes again today for me, and my world seems to be spinning around me whether or not I am prepared and ready for the day — this day in particular, too. I had a week of from school until now and believe me, returning back to class is such a wonderful idea now. YAY! The week off of class was really nice but now I have to be busy once again. My so-called vacation is over now. YAY! I do not know what my class brings yet but will know for sure by tomorrow or Thursday when I have gotten a feel of what this class brings.

Grandpa Clarence Rests In Peace

Seven years ago, as of March 30, we put Grandpa Clarence to his final resting place, but he passed away 7 years ago today. I was able to talk to my mom for a while — about an hour or so — tonight in honor of Grandpa Clarence and to get past the grieving process of losing him. I know that Grandpa Clarence has been gone for a while now — 7 years being a lifetime now — I am having difficulty getting past the sadness of losing a fine educator/teacher, mentor, and friend. I have gotten past the first 6 years without him just fine but for some reason this year is a tough one for me. I do not know if it is because I have found it tough to get past the way I was as a teenager and young, in my twenties. The feeling of guilt has come into my mind more than once … maybe that is it.

Grandpa Clarence is resting in peace.

Sunday Morning

I got up early this morning to get ready for church and believe it or not, I was battling the issue of going and not going in my head again. I did go. Got picked up around 9 a.m. and out of the driveway, the van started to lose power and quit running. A few minutes later the van started up again and then we ended up losing power again and ended up in Ace Hardware parking lot and a member from church picked us up and we finished the route to church — getting to church a few minutes late for Sunday School and then to worship service. In the meantime, the church van was picked up and then brought to the church parking lot. The church van was losing power, there was no heat working at all, and the van transmission acted dead as it would not turn over. it was an experience. Still, somehow, thanks to another member of the church, we got to church and Satan did not get too far into his game of keeping us from getting to church. i have had enough “demons” plaguing myself and I am going to combat them with all the power I can muster. I got to church and I did enjoy myself among other members in Christian fellowship;

Is This GOING to be A auickie??

I personally doubt that this entry is going to be a quickie, lol … at least right now anyway. It is 4 minutes to 12 midnight before it is Valentine’s Day, and it is amazing how fast time has gotten in the past couple of hours. I was not busy today — just went to coffee and donuts this Saturday morning and stay a while but came home and did nothing — just gave 2 bags of cans to my friend KM before I forgot another day. I did end up talking a nap and tomorrow, Sunday, I am going to church — have not gone in a long time. Anyway, it is VERY late right now and I am tired. i am heading to bed and tomorrow begins another day.