My Day Went FAST…Seriously

Oh my goodness gracious…my day went fast…seriously. Of course that does not help when you sleep until noon, right? LOL :P. Anyway, my day was an okay day…a livable day by nature and time. Got homework done for the day and relaxed for the most part. I am still tired but again it is going to be 11 p.m. in 30 minutes and I intend on going to church tomorrow morning and spending time with my friends JS, DL, and DL’s son ZL (age 9), and going to have lunch at JS’s parents tomorrow — sloppy joes! I hope plans have not changed for lunch. I love sloppy joes! I did not like them when i was a young girl but I grew into them as I became an young adult after my teenage years. Would you believe that I did not like pizza when I was a kid? Seriously…that’s true! :)

Anyway, my day went by fast. Yes it did. Watched Law & Order programs ALL afternoon, was online all afternoon, had calls to make and some calls came in, and tomorrow is another day. I am looking forward to my Sunday away from TM and my neighbors, and Bing Crosby the cat and I will be cuddly when i get back. I am also heading to Madison with my friends JS and DL to take his son ZL home.

Here and Now

I am here at home now relaxing in my recliner watching Law & Order recordings from the week before and enjoying my relaxing time. Right now I am tired and worn out for some reason dreading the day to end and the afternoon to come and go so quickly even though I am looking forward to tomorrow at church in the morning and friends in the afternoon. I did sleep in until 10 a.m. and another two hours until 12 noon. Yes, I am VERY relaxed right now and i am wondering if it is so because of my muscle relaxers that I have been taking 3 times a day. Who really knows except for God. My world is filled, at the moment, with not much. That’s okay. More later