Not a Bad Day Today Really

Today was not a bad day really …

Had my shower around 10 a,m,

Dressed in a robe for comfort since I was not going anywhere at all

Did some homework and studies

Played games at Facebook

Had medication delivered this afternoon after 12 noon

Watched recorded DVR programs all afternoon and evening

Ate lunch and supper

Wrote in my private journal and surfed the web for pleasure

Talked to a couple of people online

Got a phone call from an Aunt of mine to make plans for lunch tomorrow (Thursday)

Talked to a couple of other people on the phone

Wondered if tomorrow (Thursday) will go smoothly like today, lol…

Snuggled with Bing on my lap in the recliner

Got stuck in the recliner for a few minutes because my right side and right arm was having difficulty working and getting the recliner down so I can get out and now i am using a desk chair as my foot rest so I do not get stuck in the recliner again for the entire night and stayed up real super late, lol

Heading to bed here shortly …

Good night and God bless everyone. Hope everyone has a good night, a good sleep, and have plans to satisfy the senses of us humans. I am now heading to bed for the night since it is after 1 a,m. now, lol. I am starting, finally, to get tired and my eyes are beginning to droop and it is HARD to keep my eyes open now. Good night and God bless. Have a GREAT night and will be back later in the day after my schoolwork is finished for the day and my outing with family. I better go or I will NEVER get to bed, lol.

Good night and God bless.

Even To This Day I Still Wonder…

Yep, the title says it all. Even to this day I still wonder…

living here in the building i have lived her for 12 years is really of the planet earth, lol. The tenants, not all of course, act like they of another planet that is out of this world and not earth. I have excluded myself from the activities that take place here in the community room for the most part because of the people who make it difficult to be happy all the time. I have been walking away from negativity for a very long time now … the past couple of years to be very honest here … and the negativity that comes from this building is so high … not as high as another building in the city that has 4 extra floor than our building. There are only 4 people in this building I will associate for the most part because of trust issues with those four people and that DOES NOT include the managers of the building … so it it is a total of 6 people. Many of the tenants in here are whiny babies and this place seems to be a nursery school or daycare center instead of a building that is for adults … being that the adults in this building do not partake in a lot of activities here for the reason or reasons I do. I have lived here long enough now to see so many changes take place here and the changes that have taken place have been from good to excellent changes to better the building and some of the tenants are still not too happy or still want to bitch and complain. That is how weird this place has turned out to be in my eyes and staying on this side of the door is pretty much it these days … now for the most part. Even with that said, I still find myself happier here now than I was before October when i moved from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor for convenience and safety reason. I am doing pretty good but I am still dealing with the winter blahs from time to time yet. Spring is on my mind now.

Enough of that said …

Anyway, today was not a bad day at all… another entry