The Rest of My Saturday

I did not want to return home to the building after church, For the first time since I moved from #308 to #110 I felt the dread of coming back to the building and seeing other tenants. I decided get inside, get into my apartment, lock the door and be selective of who I answer the phone to, get comfortable, and take it easy. During the afternoon and evening, I decided to watch television DVR recordings and work on my Taxation quiz. I did the quiz and watched TV but as the day wore on, I cried and teared because someone who did call KM at 1 a.m. Saturday morning had gotten me in trouble for their actions, and the accusation still haunted my thoughts and mind.

I Know What I Do and I Know What I Do Not Do!!!

This morning I had gotten a surprise … I was told that i had called my friend KM at 1 a.m. or so, calling her phone and hanging up after the 1st ring. I did not do it but KM said I did do it and come to find out … I was right, I did not do it, and she did not listen to the call back service message completely hearing my phone number but did not listen to the entire call back service message and at the end, visa versa, it tells the caller the last incoming callee’s number, date and time…and I told KM that I did not call her last night. A friend of mine told me to look at my call list on my phone (calls made) and see what times I had made any calls. There was no call made at 1 a.m. to KM’s phone. I have been accused of calling a person who I consider a friend (a true one at that too) of something I did not do, and she has yet not found that she has been in the wrong and have not apologized to me. i know now that I will not get the apology or the fact that she was definitely wrong. I will not be calling KM anymore at night or in the morning. She will have to e the one to call me.