Another Busy Day

It was another busy day for me. In the morning I had my shower and got dressed, paid my rent at the TM office, did some studies, took a nap again, and visited with my friend KM upstairs for a few minutes when she got home from Madison after taking another neighbor/friend to a doctor’s appointment. Bing Crosby the cat got some greenies and he really loves his greenies, lol. The nap was a three hour nap and a good nap it was. Being a woman is tough sometimes but now that i have my anxiety and depression under control now, I do have to admit that I can tell my tiredness from being a woman over depression and anxiety more so now than I did before October. It was after i moved from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor of the apartment building i live in that the stress, anxiety and depression, began to come to the surface and dissipate once the stress was relieved. I am so relieved of the stress, depression and anxiety.