Ultimatums ???

Not welcome in my home so certain friends are no longer welcome in my home. True friends do not give friends ultimatums so things are going to change with a couple of friends of mine…no longer true friends of mine anymore. “Friends” is the what they have been knocked down to now until they can build their trust up to the true friend status again. No friend tells me one thing after so long and then tell me how they truly feel. True friends would sit down with their friends and tell them how they feel right then and there if something is not right. Now I am learning who are my true friends in this world and the world, as large as it is, is smaller than it proves to be.

I am a Christian woman who needs to walk away from negativity to this day on a daily/regular basis. It is sad to be friends with non-believers or people who say they know God and still do things that God would frown upon. I will continue to walk away from negativity in my world around me and associate with other fellow Christians.

My Day Went FAST…Seriously

Oh my goodness gracious…my day went fast…seriously. Of course that does not help when you sleep until noon, right? LOL :P. Anyway, my day was an okay day…a livable day by nature and time. Got homework done for the day and relaxed for the most part. I am still tired but again it is going to be 11 p.m. in 30 minutes and I intend on going to church tomorrow morning and spending time with my friends JS, DL, and DL’s son ZL (age 9), and going to have lunch at JS’s parents tomorrow — sloppy joes! I hope plans have not changed for lunch. I love sloppy joes! I did not like them when i was a young girl but I grew into them as I became an young adult after my teenage years. Would you believe that I did not like pizza when I was a kid? Seriously…that’s true! :)

Anyway, my day went by fast. Yes it did. Watched Law & Order programs ALL afternoon, was online all afternoon, had calls to make and some calls came in, and tomorrow is another day. I am looking forward to my Sunday away from TM and my neighbors, and Bing Crosby the cat and I will be cuddly when i get back. I am also heading to Madison with my friends JS and DL to take his son ZL home.

Here and Now

I am here at home now relaxing in my recliner watching Law & Order recordings from the week before and enjoying my relaxing time. Right now I am tired and worn out for some reason dreading the day to end and the afternoon to come and go so quickly even though I am looking forward to tomorrow at church in the morning and friends in the afternoon. I did sleep in until 10 a.m. and another two hours until 12 noon. Yes, I am VERY relaxed right now and i am wondering if it is so because of my muscle relaxers that I have been taking 3 times a day. Who really knows except for God. My world is filled, at the moment, with not much. That’s okay. More later

Heading to Bed

Once again, it is after 1 a.m. — actually two minutes before 2 a.m. this Friday morning/night, and I am still up. I had been talking to a friend of mine on the phone as she was helping me with updating and fixing my Farmville land to something less cluttered as well as we were chatting with one another about other things. It has been an unusually quiet evening and late morning here in the building but then again I have not, seriously, stayed up this late in a long time — well actually since last Saturday. I am heading to bed here in a few minutes from now so I can get up at 9 a.m. before my shower between 9:30 – 10:00 a.m., and then studies and homework. I did do some homework yesterday before my luncheon outing with my Aunt and Uncle visiting from Omro, Wisconsin. I am just one of those people, once again, making sure that I am all caught up with what needs to be done before heading to bed for the night for the most part once again … yep…once again… Staying up late past 10 a.m. is one thing I cannot really do anymore now that I am going to be 40 years old on five to four months from now. Yep… 40 years old.

Good night… good morning… More later…hopefully


High Excitement in the Air

I am still up, here in Wisconsin today, after 1 a.m. because there is high excitement in the air right now. I need to head to bed here shortly or else I am screwed for the day, though, lol. The reason I am really excited and the excitement is high tonighty is because I will be seeing family for lunch today as they pass through to home from their trip from Branson, Missouri. I am so excited that my 2nd wind has arrived about 4 hours ago, lol, and I BETTER get off to bed here now or else I am in serious trouble physically for the entire day other than sitting around here doing studies and homework for the day. I need to have my rest or physically trouble will be here sooner than later. More later…

Good night and God bless all of you.


My Visit with Family

As family, on my mother’s side of the family was returning home from traveling to Branson, Missouri, family came through to Wisconsin from Illinois to have lunch with me. The visit was wonderful as we ate at Old Country Buffet, which my family calls it OCD. I always refer to OCD as Over Compulsive Disorder, though so their abbreviation of Old Country Buffet seems odd in my head but understandable. Anyway, it was a good time and the food was tasty and good. I had fruit. spinach salad with vinegar, and baked fish and carrots, and orange yogurt that reminded me of children’s St. Joseph’s asprin and dream sickle popsickles. It did taste good though. I was reminded, however, of the many times I had to take St. Joseph’s asprin as a child for fevers and flu symptoms, lol. After lunch, I was dropped at home and said good bye to my Aunt and Uncle before they left for their ride home to Omro, Wisconsin after a two week vacation to and in Branson, Missouri. I had a great time even though I wish it was longer.

Not a Bad Day Today Really

Today was not a bad day really …

Had my shower around 10 a,m,

Dressed in a robe for comfort since I was not going anywhere at all

Did some homework and studies

Played games at Facebook

Had medication delivered this afternoon after 12 noon

Watched recorded DVR programs all afternoon and evening

Ate lunch and supper

Wrote in my private journal and surfed the web for pleasure

Talked to a couple of people online

Got a phone call from an Aunt of mine to make plans for lunch tomorrow (Thursday)

Talked to a couple of other people on the phone

Wondered if tomorrow (Thursday) will go smoothly like today, lol…

Snuggled with Bing on my lap in the recliner

Got stuck in the recliner for a few minutes because my right side and right arm was having difficulty working and getting the recliner down so I can get out and now i am using a desk chair as my foot rest so I do not get stuck in the recliner again for the entire night and stayed up real super late, lol

Heading to bed here shortly …

Good night and God bless everyone. Hope everyone has a good night, a good sleep, and have plans to satisfy the senses of us humans. I am now heading to bed for the night since it is after 1 a,m. now, lol. I am starting, finally, to get tired and my eyes are beginning to droop and it is HARD to keep my eyes open now. Good night and God bless. Have a GREAT night and will be back later in the day after my schoolwork is finished for the day and my outing with family. I better go or I will NEVER get to bed, lol.

Good night and God bless.

Even To This Day I Still Wonder…

Yep, the title says it all. Even to this day I still wonder…

living here in the building i have lived her for 12 years is really of the planet earth, lol. The tenants, not all of course, act like they of another planet that is out of this world and not earth. I have excluded myself from the activities that take place here in the community room for the most part because of the people who make it difficult to be happy all the time. I have been walking away from negativity for a very long time now … the past couple of years to be very honest here … and the negativity that comes from this building is so high … not as high as another building in the city that has 4 extra floor than our building. There are only 4 people in this building I will associate for the most part because of trust issues with those four people and that DOES NOT include the managers of the building … so it it is a total of 6 people. Many of the tenants in here are whiny babies and this place seems to be a nursery school or daycare center instead of a building that is for adults … being that the adults in this building do not partake in a lot of activities here for the reason or reasons I do. I have lived here long enough now to see so many changes take place here and the changes that have taken place have been from good to excellent changes to better the building and some of the tenants are still not too happy or still want to bitch and complain. That is how weird this place has turned out to be in my eyes and staying on this side of the door is pretty much it these days … now for the most part. Even with that said, I still find myself happier here now than I was before October when i moved from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor for convenience and safety reason. I am doing pretty good but I am still dealing with the winter blahs from time to time yet. Spring is on my mind now.

Enough of that said …

Anyway, today was not a bad day at all… another entry


Tuesday Already?!

I can not believe it Tuesday already … seriously … Anyway, today my LSW did not make it because she was not feeling well today and did not want to come. So here I am, at home, the day after my appointment and dinner outing with a dear friend of mine yesterday, home relaxing and trying to get past the joint pain that I experienced (or began to) last night before going to bed. I still can not believe that it is Tuesday already?! WOW! I am also feeling real tired…worn out and I did not do anything strenuous to wear myself out the last couple of days, either, so I am wondering if the one week I was doing so well had been the reason why I so tired or that fact that I am once again a woman dealing with some physical changes of the month — TMI, I know, lol.

A Fairly Busy Monday (Today)

Today was a very busy day … at least fairly busy anyway. I had an appointment at 2:40 p.m., and when I got there, I got in earlier than my scheduled time because a patient never called or even showed up. The appointment went fairly well, as well. After my appointment, my friend SJ picked me up and we went out to eat for his belated birthday dinner at a nearby little restaurant called Kealey’s Cafe. I had steak while he had a chicken sandwich. It was a nice time away from the building for awhile but as soon as I got home, I took off my shoes and brace, and socks to get comfortable and rest for the rest of the night.

As the day progressed, my joints began to get tense and ache real bad, and my foot’s toes began to, to cramp and release and cramp again, and when I got up to go to bed, the joints in my body — every one of them — hurt and movement was so terribly slow and my feet still hurt — even worse than a couple of hours afterwards.

Even though i did not feel the greatest by the end of the evening and my day, I surely did have a good time away from TM for a while was glad to get away.