Right Now

Right now it is 7 p.m. and for some reason, as odd as it may sound, it seems a lot later than that for some reason — this night especially. I am getting tired at this hour and bedtime is just around the corner for me but right now i am watching a DVR recording of Forensic Files. I intend on going to by 10 p.m. for sure tonight after I get the food off the stove in Cafe World on Facebook. I am such a Facebook junkie, lol … a person in my world has told me that I am still the “Facebook Queen”. I smile at the thought but I do not let it get to my head. I call myself a “junkie” per se as far Facebook is concerned. It is awesome place to chat.

So Far My Day

I slept in until 11:30 a.m… oops, lol. I slept the morning away … oops. Oh well. Anyway, spent the part of the afternoon here watching television and surfing the web for the day. I did attend class for a few minutes to do a couple of posts. Right now i am catching up on DVR recordings from the beginning of the week. Tomorrow I intend to get my schoolwork done for class by Monday morning. I will be back later today unless i have other plans.