One Final Entry

With my thoughts and feelings out and down now, I can say that this is my final entry of the day. I will not be going to bed anytime soon because of the fact that i have been a little wound up for a few hours now — excitement of what has been going on the past several days of my world. That is okay. I do have an easy day tomorrow anyway. At least I hope so, lol. I have to say that my day has been very good. Even though I am wound up a bit, I am coming down from all the excitement of my world. I am going to say good night and God bless for now and come back tomorrow.

Comparing Today to Yesterday

Yesterday I was very busy. Today I was busy but not as busy as I was yesterday yet today was productive, a fun day, and a quick day for me. Went to class this morning to do a couple of posts for class, play online on Facebook, watched tele I vision, and did some writing in my private diary. Even today, later finding out that only the empty apartments were inspected by WHEDA, I picked up more in my apartment to get ready for a possible apartment inspection at our building but it did not happen as expected even though WHEDA did give us all ample warning that an inspection was going to happen today, lol. Apartment house inspections do not scare me like it did at one time when I first moved into the building. After picking up my apartment … putting my clean dishes away, cleaning the counters up and wiping the stove, and making my bed was part of the plan today. I had gotten up at 9:15 a.m. when my alarm clock came on to tell me it was time for me to wake up. Bing was a very sociable cat all day long today as well as cuddly all day long. Bing and i did not have company today but we did have the maintenance man come to replace the lighting fixture above the kitchen sink before the inspection began .. lol … and here i waited until 3 p.m. this afternoon to eat because I was sitting and waiting for the inspection to come to my apartment, lol, but it never did. Today was a good day today … a very good day! I could not ask for more!