Last Thoughts of the Day…

I had a good day. Company came and left this afternoon and my Bing Crosby, the cat, is moping somewhat, lol. The reason he is moping is because of the fact that Bing had a play date all weekend long from Friday morning to today —this afternoon. I had a good weekend — a good day. Now, bedtime is not that far away. I am going to say good night and God bless.

My Day So Far

It has been a good day so far and it will be noon shortly — 15 minutes away. As of right now, I cannot believe it yet, that it is 2010! It is awesome! We have cold temperatures right now since it is winter in Wisconsin and it is COLD! It is good to be indoors. I had gotten something special for Bing Crosby the cat Friday night and he is now laying in it — enjoying it very much. What a cat! He loves his “gift” per se. Anyway, my day has been good so far.

I am feeling a little off right now physically — emotionally I am fine and good there. Physically tired because the past three nights I have gone to bed later than normal so I am feeling a little tired right now going on the noon hour. I wil be okay though. It has been … a good three nights have happened. I was able to see the year 2010 roll into the More later