Good Night

I would like to say good night and God bless to all of my friends here at Dear Diary and all of my readers. I am heading to bed here shortly but wanted to say good night. Today was a very nice day … thinking of putting plans into play for the week.

Good night and God bless! Have a great night and a great week! Bye for now.

My Day So far … Evening Entry

It is now evening and supper done and time is 7:08 p.m.. Time has come and gone but not quickly. Time is going by rather slowly in fact leading into boredom that I have felt coming on before dinner even got here. It has been usually quiet today even though I have heard voices of other tenants in the lobby laughing and chattering that was not distinct. The laughter of other tenants really makes me smile and safe. Living on the 1st floor now has its perks and comforts now. It is a constant reminder that life on th e 3rd floor had been, at one time, a very stressful place. I have not been on the 3rd floor since I have moved and my intentions of being on the 3rd floor again is not likely going to happen but I may visit one former neighbor one day yet. Rod is a fine gentleman. So my day has been almost 7 hours old.